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Accepting suggestions for my 1000th post July 11, 2008

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I’ve been polishing the presentation for Fraser Valley WordCamp and in the process, I’ve come to realize that I am REALLY close to 1000 posts on WordPress (I lost 132 posts in the importing process, which was kind of awful, but oh well). Since I’m at 922 (this post included), I have been thinking of organizing a MargaritaCamp + NachoCamp + GinCamp to celebrate my 1000 posts.

At my current writing rate, I estimate that’s going to fall somewhere around the week of Blogathon, so I might have a middle of the week RaulCamp (or simply combine it with the Vancouver Bloggers Meetup!) because, after all, it’s all about me (inside joke, you’ll have to see the t-shirt to know what I’m talking about).

So, I’m opening the floor for suggestions for my 1000th post. I was actually thinking of holding it at a wifi-enabled site (like the Blackwater Cafe) or a bar so that we can celebrate the actual moment of pushing the “Publish” button on my WordPress Dashboard. Any interest in joining for said RaulCamp?



1. luc - July 11, 2008

Maybe a “cooking with Raul” videocast, where you accompany one of the chefs that you respect while preparing a favorite dish and talking about the business. Like a restaurant review, from the other side of the counter.

2. ddrucker - July 11, 2008

Two suggestions:

You could actually organize a ‘Postcamp’, where everyone gets together and contributes a couple of sentences or two, or a photo. Then it becomes this humongous post worthy of the number.

Alternatively, you could do what they do on television shows, which is do a ‘clip’ show for an anniversary, which is re-use a bunch of material from old shows, all loosely strung around a group of reminiscences by the characters. When that’s done with enough of a sense of irony and self-parody, I think it can be pretty hilarious (see: any of the Simpsons clip shows).

3. Raul - July 12, 2008

Great suggestions, Luc and David!

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