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Miscellaneous weekend items July 12, 2008

Posted by Raul in blogosphere, personal life, random thoughts, Vancouver.

Seeing as this weekend is potentially the lightest one in a long time [yes, while some people use their weekends to recover from their weeks, I often use my weeks to recover from my weekends! – although that’s not entirely accurate – sometimes my weeks are just as busy as the weekends], I figured I’d throw in a few comments (ramblings if you might) entirely just for the fun of it. A lot of them are personal, so feel free to skip 🙂

– I’ve missed almost a week worth of RSS feeds (too busy doing a LOT of work) so if I haven’t commented on your blog, it’s nothing to do with you and everything to do with the fact that I’ve been running around like a headless chicken 🙂

Third Tuesday is this coming Tuesday and Jeff Young is going to talk about intellectual property law, so you SHOULD come, particularly if you’re interested in Bill C-61 and how that can potentially affect YOU.

– FraserValley WordCamp is coming up this coming Wednesday and I’m speaking there. Gary from BlueFur is still looking for a snack sponsor, and if you know of anyone or can suggest/direct me towards whom to talk, that’d be awesome. I am also contacting people from the different restaurants I’ve reviewed to see if they can sponsor snacks.

– The Underwear Affair (Running for a Cancer Cure) is happening TODAY, and Gillian is taking part in it. So, please consider sponsoring her, and/or encouraging her along the way. It takes a lot of courage to run in your underwear, and this is for a worthy cause.

– I’ve decided that for my Blogathon 2008 I’m going to try and do a 50/50 with the BC Cancer Agency and a diabetes-oriented organization in BC, (e.g. my sponsors can either have a choice of where their money goes or let me decide, and if I have a say, I’ll redirect 50% to cancer research and 50% to diabetes research). My Grandmom and my Aunt passed away from cancer and my GrandDad succumbed to the debilitating effects of diabetes. Therefore, I have a stake in both. Please consider donating. None of the donations will go through me, all of them will go through the online donations page of the respective foundations.

– I know that this is very short notice, but I think the next Vancouver Bloggers Meetup will take place towards the end of July. I was informed by Meetup that we haven’t had a REAL meetup in a while, so I’m going to go full steam ahead and schedule one.

– I’ve got two bar reviews, one restaurant review and a few posts lined up for next week. And of course, discussions on water and recycling and other environmental issues.

– Overall, while this has been a great week, I am exhausted (this is in no small part a reflection of a need to take care of myself). Time for the hummingbird to slow down.

Have a nice weekend, everyone!



1. Maktaaq - July 12, 2008

That Blogathan thing, if I didn’t work Saturdays (and if I had more readers), I would have liked to do something for my favourite little animal rescue group. (Small Animal Rescue of BC, if you want to adopt a rabbit, hamster, guinea pig, etc. – please don’t go the pet shop route!)

Anyhow, I have really been intrigued since I read about it on Rebecca’s blog last year. Do you blog every half hour? Do you do a new blogpost each time? Does it have to be about the charity?

2. Raul - July 13, 2008

Hi Maktaaq,

Yes you blog every 30 mins for 24 hours straight, which is about 48 posts… but you can guest post for me if you want 🙂 hehe I can share some of the proceeds to the SMARBC.

3. lotusunfolding - July 13, 2008

Re: blogathon…
I’ll be commenting, and hopefully fueling your mind with enough controversial stuff.. i’m sure more than a few things will come to mind.

i gotta reconsider the name, but i’ve started, and can then migrate my stuff over once i’ve decided. thu! yaay.

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