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It’s YOUR turn to do the talking! July 14, 2008

Posted by Raul in weekend recap.

I had a fun weekend, albeit it wasn’t as relaxing as I wish it had been. But at any rate, I figured that instead of taking a sabbatical or a holiday from blogging, I’d just ask you – what did YOU do this weekend? My brief summary (detailed reviews forthcoming during the week). Friday – beers, lots of beers. Met with Rebecca at Delicados, then hung out with Beth Snow, then we both met up at the Kingston with Duane, Rebecca and John, then Beth went to meet a friend and we all migrated to meet Trevor O and Matthew Carriere at Jimmy’s, and we ended having a night cap at Trevor’s, but before I went to meet Tanya and walked her home from DIX. [EDIT – That was ONLY Friday – Saturday and Sunday warrant full recaps too – Saturday brunch with C, B, L and T, and then the beach with the gang in the afternoon, then I basically slept for the rest of the evening – Sunday my usual routine]

So, how about you – what did YOU get up to this weekend?



1. Barbara Doduk - July 15, 2008

We watched movies, we cuddled on the sofa, we worked on our relationship, we drank some wine, we did some home item shopping together (got a new kettle), we washed my car, we visited family, we went swimming at the family home, we made arrangements for next weekend…

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