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Bar review – The Kingston (Downtown) July 15, 2008

Posted by Raul in Downtown, drinks.

So, last Friday was quite the social, off-line gathering of online geeks. I started off meeting Rebecca for a beer at Delicados, where we were joined by Beth Snow. We then parted ways and Beth and I ran around downtown trying to find the free 7-11 Slurpees. No luck. At that point, we headed to the Kingston to meet up with Duane, a couple of his friends, John and Rebecca.

I had never done a review of the Kingston even though we had been there a few times already, but the real reason was that I had never actually eaten there. This time, we ordered nachos (are you surprised?) The nachos were really good but I had to remind the waitress to actually add meat. The service was pretty minor, I wouldn’t say it was good. But nothing compared to Jimmy’s, whose service is REALLY BAD. And Tanya was saying that Dix’s service was just equally bad (I got to witness how their waitress treated them – I would have just called the shots there, but…)

Anyway, the Kingston is reliable for having a nice patio and it’s a destination I would go to just for the fun of hanging out with my friends. As I mentioned, the nachos are good and the service can be sometimes great, sometimes kinda so-so. This past Friday it was just ok, nothing to write home about. As it often happens with these places, it’s all about the good friends who join you rather than the actual place itself.

Review of Jimmy’s forthcoming.



1. Star Anise - July 15, 2008

I like the Kingston… they also have a great room downstairs for private parties. Been to loads there and always have a great time.

2. Bar review - Jimmy’s (Yaletown) « Random Thoughts of a Student of the Environment - July 18, 2008

[…] Bar review – Jimmy’s (Yaletown) July 18, 2008 Posted by Raul in Vancouver, blogosphere, dining out, friends, local business, personal life, random thoughts. Tags: Downtown, drinks, Vancouver trackback So last week, Trevor O, Matthew Carriere, Rebecca, Duane, John, Karen Parker and her boyfriend D, another friend of Trevor’s and myself met at Jimmy’s, after a successful beer/nacho gathering at The Kingston. […]

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