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WordCamp Fraser Valley – The tekkie part July 16, 2008

Posted by Raul in wcfv, WordCamp, WordCamp Fraser Valley.

I gave my presentation at the very beginning (Rebecca is being her usual awesome self and live-blogging – she even has video of my talk!) and even though I was nervous with my first non-academic talk in about a decade, people seemed to have a positive reception. Andy was kind enough to take photos and video with my cameras, since, well, it would be kind of hard to do it for myself while speaking 🙂 (thanks Andy!)

I did lose my bet to Jodi but I’m glad that she thinks her husband should go directly to WordPress. I got a chance to hang out and meet Tyler, Jeremy, Gregg, John Berr, and other friends whom I have been talking to for a long while (Ryan, Jodi, Liam, Lorraine).

My laptop has been acting up but all I want is to have a chance to liveblog Rebecca’s talk, since I know that she will have notes on everyone else who is presenting. So, please, laptop, be kind and stay working (everyone laughs at the fact that it has so much hardware failure, but oh well – I don’t have the cash yet to shell out implement an upgrade to MacBook (or MacBook Pro)


Rebecca has used WP since 2006. An intermediate presentation – how to customize your theme. This doesn’t apply if you’re on WP.com.

Why would you want a custom page? If you want a custom sidebar, you can link to a new page. Rebecca has links on her sidebars. If you want to customize your sidebar, then this presentation is for you.

Say you want your “About” page to be blue.

How much code do you need to learn? Not a heck of a lot.

Page.php Code
THE LOOP – Displays your page and content

You tell WP which sidebar to get. If you want the WordCamp page to have different things, she takes her Page.php.

She copied it and renamed it to WordCamp page (template Name: wordcamp-page)

For sidebar – she took the standard one and renamed it, so that WP will look for this sidebar instead of the other sidebar.

They show up now as WordCamp page templates on the Dashboard. It now has what Rebecca specified in the WordCamp Page PHP.

You don’t need to know a lot of PHP, but basically it’s easily customizable. You take what comes with the theme, copy them over, add the specific elements that you want and you can have custom pages and sidebars on WordPress.

John Bollwitt is showing something he coded. NoBoundaries.org

GARY – How does Miss604 get so out there and have so much exposure on media? Rebecca says that SEO is great for that, and she puts keywords in her posts and so on so that Google picks on that. WordPress does work great for that.

RAUL (me) – question – Themes and CSS – Rebecca explains that themes are the overall view of the blog, and the CSS is the style/appearance. She shows now different themes (the Theme Viewer). And how you can change your theme on WordPress.com, you can change your theme any way you want.

She showcases with the Brave Bull site. She is showing how the previews work.

TWITTER – Now Rebecca is showing Twitter. I’ll throw a Tweet back at her.

GARY – Are you finding that people go online more to talk about local stuff? Now Facebook – the blogosphere – what is your opinion on that. Rebecca – yes, Vancouver is becoming more of a hub for all these online things (we’re close to Silicon Valley). We’re known as TechCouver. There’s a lot of businesses in Vancouver who hit all these technologies.

How much time of the day do you spend blogging – 8 to 10 hours – now I am a social media consultant, so I write on my own site, an author on MetroBlogging (50 hyperlocal blogs). A few freelance gigs, an entertainment blog, a technology blog. I do dedicate time to

You can post-date posts. Time-stamping rocks!

Question – How long does it take for you to get your own WordPress installed, if you want to set your own design and so on (if you’ve never done it).

John is blogging on his site and on Sixty4Media, which is very cool.

Rebecca is now showing the WordPress CODEX, which is something everyone who wants need to learn about WordPress needs to check. Andy clarifies that the Codex is a wiki, so people can add to it. Wiki – website that everyone can add stuff to.

And I request that we plug Blogathon 2008.

After this, is John Chow and I am sure Rebecca will live-blog it so I can now stop worrying about my laptop dying.



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2. Thomasso - July 16, 2008

I learned a lot from this. It was well worth the night to sit and listen to all the other WordPress bloggers out there. Thanks for the invite! I even saw another LINUX user in the crowd!

John Chow killed me….. in an evil way–I guess with may hits comes with much spam.

Have a good night Raul.

3. Gary Jones :: BlueFur.com - July 16, 2008

Was nice to meet you Raul 🙂

4. Dave Zille - July 17, 2008

Hi Raul,

It was great to meet you last night.

I mentioned on Twitter that I noticed you have an E-Machines laptop with a bad hinge. My wife had the exact same thing happen to hers!



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7. Flash - July 19, 2008

It was good to meet you, and I enjoyed your talk. Hope to see you at future events, or just around Vancouver.

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