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Tagging your photos on Flickr July 17, 2008

Posted by Raul in blogosphere, random thoughts.
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At the beginning of our IRL (in real life) friendship, Rebecca and I had a really long conversation about how much of a pet peeve we had with people who don’t tag their photos on Flickr. I am now making a really big effort of tagging my photos appropriately. One of the issues I often have is to find exactly what tag to use.

Many of my friends’ tags I know already. For example, for Rebecca I often use miss604 and also, her full name (although I recognize that often I use rebeccabollwitt instead of “Rebecca Bollwitt”). For Tanya, same thing. It’s easy to tag with ‘netchick’. For David Drucker, I tag ‘loudmurmurs. For Corinna, I tag ‘gusgreeper’ although when I take photos of both Adam and Corinna, I tag “TheCarlsons”. For Gus, I tag “GusF” although I guess I could use gusdigital.

The problem that sometimes arises is when people don’t actually have aliases. For example, Monica Hamburg uses her full name on Twitter and her blog. I do tag her photos monicahamburg. Same with Ianiv and Arieanna (using their full names). But I kind of prefer when I have an alias to associate the photo with (e.g. John Bollwitt and audihertz, John Biehler and retrocactus, Derek Miller with penmachine, Airdrie with talkingtoair or myself and hummingbird604).

So if you have any particular preference on how you’d like me to tag any photos I take of you, this is your chance to tell me 🙂 And, the question is … does it bother you when people don’t tag properly? How do you tag your photos?



1. Keira-Anne - July 16, 2008

I think tagging your Flickr photos, generally speaking, is just a smart practice for a number of obvious reasons. I have no preference, really… “keira-anne” is fine 😉

2. Mel - July 17, 2008

Well, obviously you don’t have any photos to tag of me. But maybe the next time I make it Vancouver, haha.

As for my take on tags and Flickr, I LOVE tagging things. I also like geotagging them as specifically as possible. Most of the photos I have on Flickr so far are travel photos or photos from figure skating & gymnastics competitions. The travel photos don’t have people, so I try to tag them specifically, with the city, and with general terms like “buildings” or “sky.” It’s nice to look back at collections that span across different trips. For the photos of figure skaters & gymnasts, I tag with their full names. I think it’s nice for the athletes, their families/friends, and their fans to be able to find photos of specific people.

3. Karen - July 17, 2008

Tagging photos with appropriate keywords and geotags is something I try to do to each image posted to Flickr, except when it comes to images of me. I prefer not to be very visible…there is a reason that I am behind the lens instead of in front of it!

But, should you ever have a photo with me in it, you can tag it with “tiny bites” (as opposed to my actual name) =)

4. Tanya (aka NetChick) - July 17, 2008

Yep, netchick, or Tanya (aka NetChick) or even my full name works fine. But, since everyone knows me as NetChick (it’s my personal brand, afterall) that seems logical.

But, then again, I hate my photos. All of them. But, these days, I just don’t worry about it.

5. Derek K. Miller - July 18, 2008

I usually tag photos of the Schwebers with “blogaholics,” by the way, since that is their website.

6. Raul - July 18, 2008

@ Keira-Anne – Thanks 🙂

@ Mel – True, important to geo-tag too

@ Karen – I know, I use tinybites 🙂

@ Tanya – Oh your photos are good 🙂

@ Derek – True! I should do the same! Actually your suggestion is great.

7. Phaedra - July 18, 2008

I am guilty of not tagging my flickr photos. Not sure why I don’t do it. Guess I should start.

8. Raul - July 19, 2008

@ Phaedra – Oh and I do tag yours with phaedraphunk 🙂

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