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Blogathon 2008: Preparing to launch! July 19, 2008

Posted by Raul in Blogathon, Blogathon 2008, charities.

It’s amazing how soon things can change in a person’s life. I struggled with the decision whether I would participate in Blogathon or not after a meeting this Friday where I have to finish some stuff before July 31st, 2008. Therefore, I was in risk of dropping from Blogathon. However, I had a conversation with my Mom on Thursday and she reminded me that her sister is currently afflicted with metastatic cancer.

Therefore, I have decided that I’m not dropping from Blogathon 2008, and I’ll have to be extremely efficient with my time. I have also decided to implement a great suggestion that Rebecca got on her blog (hat tips to Shane Gibson) – if you are a business enterprise, you could pledge to donate $50 towards my cause (the BC Cancer Agency) and I could either write a blog post about your business or simply add a footer indicating “This post was sponsored by Company X“.

I am also trying to harness the fact that I’m currently Vancouver UrbanSpoon’s top restaurant review blogger (see my sidebar). I’m not 100% sure of how to do that, but I’m also accepting suggestions. And speaking of accepting, I’m currently wondering if people would be willing and able to write guest posts on my blog as part of Blogathon. I will also be e-mailing some close friends of mine who are also bloggers to request their help specifically (but also, feel free to drop a comment and say that you’re willing/able to write a guest post!)

This page explains pretty much everything you might want to know about my Blogathon 2008 efforts. Pleas spread the word, and thank you all in advance.



1. Barbara Doduk - July 19, 2008

Yah I wasn’t sure if I could do Blogathon either, but I will attempt it.

Good idea for the donations.

2. L.E. - July 22, 2008

Hi Raul,

Please consider blogging about this during the blogathon…. i believe it deserves a lot of attention

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