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Cambie Street is open for business! July 22, 2008

Posted by Raul in Cambie, local business.
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Everyone who knows me at least a little bit knows that I’m all about supporting local businesses, and sticking up for struggling small firms. Since my PhD dissertation examined firm closure, it would be just obvious that this is a topic near and dear to my heart. But there are other reasons why I am always all about the small businesses on Cambie. One of them is that the construction of the Canada Line, negatively affected numerous establishments along Cambie Street, forcing them to close.

John Bollwitt had previously written about the woes of the Cambie Street struggling establishments, particularly as they related to the construction of the Canada Line. Just because I am the way I am, I decided to launch my little personal campaign to support businesses on Cambie. At the time, my blog didn’t have the readership to really have any impact. Today, I think that my blog readers could really help alleviate the struggles of the Cambie Street merchants by going there more often for dinner, for a coffee, to the theatre or simply, a bite to eat.

However, despite the then small readership of my blog, my own personal actions did provide some businesses on Cambie with at least some support. Trixi’s, the crepe place on 17th and Cambie, has become “our place” for AF and myself. We hang out here with regularity, since it’s pretty much located right equidistant from each one of our places. The crepes here are extraordinary and they make mine without cheese, which I appreciate a lot.


Recently, AF took me and her mom to Trixi’s for lunch and we then did a quick walk around the Cambie Village (which technically still is somewhat part of Mount Pleasant). It was great to just spend time with AF and her Mom, particularly because my own mother is unable to come to Vancouver this summer, and I always have connected very well with the parents of my friends. And since AF and I treat each other as though we were brother and sister, I guess we all become one big extended family!

I asked Ernest (owner of Trixi’s) to give me a little video interview (thank you Flip camera!) on whether the businesses have coped and it was encouraging to hear that yes, business seems to be picking up on Cambie. Since I am not self-hosted yet, I can’t embed the Flickr video, but you can watch the mini-interview here.

Mt Pleasant Cheese

I noticed the existence of “Mount Pleasant Cheese” right on the same block around Cambie and 19th, and we decided to engage in a little adventure and enter this store. MPC specializes in Canadian cheeses, and they have (oh sweet surprise!) wine jellies. Suffice it to say that you can now know what my next munchies contribution will be to any potluck – crackers and wine jelly.

We then went for a walk through 18th between Cambie and Main, and had a chance to see (again) my dream house on 18th and Columbia. *sigh* If only I had had enough money to buy this house, I would have retired and had my own little Mexican restaurant, coffee shop, dance studio or even my own consulting office. But alas, I didn’t have the cash to dish out for this house. But I can still walk around there and sigh any time I see it. It’s been recently renovated and the studio space is for rent.

My dream house

All in all, good times. The walk and lunch and then lemonade at Liberty Bakery were definite highlights of my day, as it was having tea today with Phaedra (who kindly made bath salts for me, as I told her that I had recently discovered the marvels of baths!). While there are many virtues I appreciate of Phaedra, one of the ones that really touches me is her ability to speak honestly and directly with me. We were very, very tired and we admitted it to ourselves. We still had a great time, but we were also able to recognize that when our energy levels were low, it was time to go home.

And now, back to the grind…



1. Travis - July 22, 2008

Funny — we called about renting that studio space earlier this month. Just out of our price range…

2. Raul - July 22, 2008

I don’t even want to ask how much they ask for rent. I shudder to think!

3. Jeremy Latham - July 22, 2008

I love, love, love that house! I used to live across the street and three doors down – at 133 W.18th Ave. It was such a great neighbourhood! I miss it.

4. Phaedra - July 23, 2008

That house is gorgeous! And thanks for the tea date. On a side note, I slept from 9:30 pm-9:40 am…I must have been really tired 😉

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