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The Vancouver Sales Performance Meetup for July 2008 July 23, 2008

Posted by Raul in Vancouver Sales Performance Meetup.

I almost didn’t make it to the Vancouver Sales Performance Meetup because of so many things that I am juggling right now, and to be perfectly honest, I am SO glad I made it, because quite honestly it was the best use of half an hour of my life in the most recent months. Fred Shadian is an extraordinary speaker, and I left the meeting feeling completely energized and pumped about what I need to do to accomplish my goals.

In a completely different fashion to what I would normally do (either live-blog, or write notes on my laptop and then upload a summary), this time I took notes by hand (thank you grade 3 handwriting courses!) which I’m summarizing here. If you weren’t there, you missed a great talk. But not to worry, because I got notes here.

Vancouver Sales Performance Meetup July 2008

Fred’s topic, “Real Success – Breaking Through Performance Plateaus in Business and Life” actually couldn’t have come handier to me even if I had tried. I have often felt that I am in a plateau, in different stages of my life. When I was playing competitive volleyball, I frequently thought to myself that I was never going to be a better power hitter and that I had reached my plateau. I recently have been feeling as though I reached a plateau in my personal/professional life, surprisingly. But these are great tips that Fred offered and that I now share with you.

The first step is RECOGNIZING THAT YOU ARE IN A PLATEAU. The key is – if you’re happy with your plateau (in harmony with it) then it’s not a plateau. Think of one thing you’ve always wanted to do but you NEVER have done it. People focus constantly on the problem – that doesn’t really help you. Focus on TODAY – raise the vibration that happens (it only works if you are moving). [RAUL’S NOTE – Very interesting – keep moving, don’t be static).

If you want to move your cells, move forward. Fred talked about seven elements, but I missed one:
1. Environment
2. Behaviors
3. Capabilities
4. Beliefs
5. Values
6. Spirituality
7. …

And 5 addictions (failures – hinder your progression towards the future).

1. Food
2. Alcohol
3. Drugs
4. Gambling
5. Sex

Addictions pull back your progressions. Focus on your strengths rather than your weaknesses. Fred spoke about Pete Sampras’ lethal serve, indicating that you can’t block something you can’t see.

GET OUT OF PLATEAUING – Do little bits of momentum (moving forward) – gotta watch plateauing. Ask yourself:
– Who is in your industry/field?
– Who is the best of the best?
– What do you need to do, what has to happen for me to move forward from here to there (HAVE A CLEAR OBJECTIVE).

If you don’t feel like training, feed your brain with little snippets of stuff that will help you succeed in the long run. Do something that gets you closer to your goal. Constantly moving in the right momentum. As long as you acknowledge where you are going and you know where you are at you are NOT in a plateau.

Using different mentors helps as well. But it’s always important to ask yourself – does each one of your moves put you forward and get you closer to your goal?

ALWAYS MAKE A DECISION WHEN YOU ARE ON A HIGH, NOT ON A LOW. If I want to reach a goal, I need to reach the intermediate goals, so that’s important so that you can make a real calculation to reaching your goal.

ONE STEP AT A TIME – There is no unrealistic goals, just unrealistic planning. 20 mins everyday vs. one big chunk fo time – preferably continuous (20 mins every day) – continuous effort everyday.

When you start visualizing success, it starts happening.

— this is the end of Fred’s talk —

I have to say that he was excellent, and he mentioned many points that I know my PhD supervisor has always taught me, so I’ll have to concede that there is always something new I learn about my mentor, every day, even if he is not there physically (in the room where I was attending this presentation).



1. Phaedra - July 23, 2008

you mentioned his speech to me, and I really agree with alot that he says. All things that are very doable.

2. Raul - July 23, 2008

Yeah, and as I told you, you do this as well – you always do something that moves you forward, one step at a time, whether it’s conscious or not. That’s an admirable quality!

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