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Blogathon 2008 – Donations, posts, feeds, etc. July 24, 2008

Posted by Raul in Blogathon, Blogathon 2008, charities.

Given my current workload (and some personal circumstances) I decided to still do Blogathon to raise funds for the BC Cancer Agency, but instead of doing the Sunshine Shift (5:00am on Saturday to 5:00am on Sunday), I am going to be doing Friday July 25th at 10pm to Saturday July 26th at 10pm. I’ll try to juggle my work commitments with my blogging commitments. We’ll see whether I succeed or not.

The BC Cancer Agency was kind enough to include me in their Calendar of Events!

A number of local blogger friends of mine are also doing Blogathon (see Rebecca’s wonderful Blogathon page). If you want to pledge and support my efforts, you could do one of two things

1) Go to Rebecca’s page and submit the form with your pledge. Once Blogathon is over, I will email you reminding you to submit your donation to BCCA.


2) Go directly to the page that BC Cancer Agency generated for me.

Thanks in advance! Please be aware that no money goes through me, and that all your donations will have a tax receipt issued by BCCA. Also – if you follow me on Twitter or you read my RSS feeds, you should know that you’ll be flooded with 49 posts.



1. Angela Crimeni - July 25, 2008

The Blogathon is a great idea!!

Best of Luck!

2. Friday updates « Talking To Air - July 25, 2008

[…] (48 posts, one each hour for 24 hours, starting tonight at 10pm).  Check out all the details at his website.  He is raising money for the BC Cancer Foundation.  I’ll post up a link to my post when it […]

3. moritherapy - July 25, 2008

hey there! i know you’re about to post your first entry – 18 minutes to go. just wanted to send you a heave-ho, a break-your-leg, a go-boy-go!

i’ll be going to bed now so that i can start at 5 am.

see you around!

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