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I can still hang out offline and make it! July 25, 2008

Posted by Raul in Blogathon 2008, blogosphere.

I just came to Waves in Yaletown to launch my Blogathon 2008 (keep the donations coming!) and my laptop wouldn’t start. I freaked out a bit and thought “well, if worse comes to worse, I’m just going to call Gus or Tanya or someone in Yaletown – needed help!) but luckily my laptop has been behaving ok, so I am pretty well covered I think.

I might swing by Duane‘s or by Rebecca‘s and John Bollwitt‘s for some wi-fi and energy drink to keep me going, depending on how I am feeling. [EDIT – I just received a tweet from John that he’s got fuel for Duane and myself to keep us going, so I’m quite excited. GOOD TIMES. I’m not supposed to be still at the stage when I start having tears flow from my eyes, but they are flowing already… oops]

I had a chance to go to the Backstage Lounge to celebrate CS’s PhD defense (I know, poor HZ, two PhD theses and defenses in a year!). Our usual crowd (minus AF and DM, BB and JN) showed up, ML, JH, BS and myself. We had drinks and yam fries, but I have to say – the prices were steep and the service was pretty lacking. So I am quite unimpressed. I am NOT going to write a nice review of the Backstage Lounge, for sure.

Ok, back to the grind of writing more blog posts. Keep the donations coming! If you need directions towards my donation page, you can click here.



1. Strawberryghetto - July 26, 2008

thanks for your post! good luck to you too! šŸ™‚

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