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Launching my Blogathon 2008 July 25, 2008

Posted by Raul in Blogathon, Blogathon 2008.

First of all, thank you to Rebecca for organizing Blogathon 2008, and thanks to all my fellow Blogathoners (whom I’ll mention in a post very soon). I am really excited, as I just had a really nice afternoon and morning with JT, and now heading to meet HZ, CS and a bunch of other friends for another PhD defense celebration.

I invited a bunch of really great bloggers to contribute with guest blog posts, so you won’t be totally bored with only my content. Again, please remember that you can contribute to my fundraising efforts for the BC Cancer Agency by clicking here and donating online. The site is supposed to track the donations in real time, so I’ll know who has donated.

Thanks again so much to sponsors, fellow Blogathoners – good luck and we’ll see you soon!



1. melaniea - July 25, 2008

I’m revising my post now, will send it off to you asap 🙂

Have a good night!

2. Danny Dang - July 25, 2008

Should be fun, good luck!

3. Karen - July 25, 2008

Good luck Raul! I’ll check in from time to time =)

Keep me awake too, will ya?

4. Barbara Doduk - July 25, 2008

Happy blogging Raul

5. Jenn - July 25, 2008

We can do it…hope your laptop holds up for you. We’re in for a long night!

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