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Being an academic and a blogger – two models, one mind July 26, 2008

Posted by Raul in academic life, Blogathon 2008.

One of the things that I have found most challenging with the blogging I have done is keeping some degree of a reputation in the academic realm, and translating social media for the hard-core academics. Surely, some of my former professors would think that writing blog posts is not precisely very academic.

The truth is, if it weren’t for my blogging, I am pretty sure my writing wouldn’t be as sharp. Remember, I write ALL the time, and I write in a language that isn’t my native tongue. Furthermore, I keep the words flowing and thus I am able to maintain a writing pace that most people envy. Yeah, I could be more focused in my research, and I swear I’d publish more papers and journal articles if I didn’t have a social life. But my life would be definitely much worse off.

But wait a minute, there are other bloggers who are also academics and geeks. Dr. Beth Snow, for example, and my friend Melanie A. And Karen Parker. And the list goes on. Therefore, while the academic model is still one that I think is important for me, it is no longer the only one. I now write for two different audiences, and I write under two different models, but the mind that produces the content is still the same: MINE, and only mine.



1. melaniea - July 26, 2008

I’m proud to be counted among your blogging geeky academic friends 🙂

2. Congratulations on your new eyes, Dr. Beth Snow! « Random Thoughts of a Student of the Environment - August 16, 2008

[…] we both spent a humongous amount of time and dollar$ in graduate school (leading to PhDs) and we both love our duality (academic/blogger). Ah, I almost forgot… we both NEED MacBook Pros. In addition, Beth is a great friend and […]

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