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Blogging as a professional gig July 26, 2008

Posted by Raul in Blogathon 2008.

Since Rebecca recently ventured to the world of self-employment as a social media consultant, we’ve talked a lot about blogging as a professional gig. At a recent interview she had with 24 Hrs (the newspaper) I reminded Rebecca of a post she wrote and that I really liked on the value of blog posts, where she touched on this very issue. As of right now, I have been offered some freelance gigs, but I have got no clue as to pricing strategies, content delivery, format, etc. So, I’ve been learning a lot from Rebecca’s and other’s experiences.

Michael Kwan is a freelance writer himself, and he always maintains a good, streaming flow of blog posts in addition to his own freelance writing gigs. How does he do it? I always have wondered. I guess it comes with the responsibility of knowing that you NEED to be ready, and he often also writes about self-discipline. I hope I can be THAT disciplined should I ever go the freelance route!

Have you had any experiences in freelancing? What would be the best freelance tips you could provide? Thanks!



1. shanegibson - July 26, 2008

Nick Usborne is a good friend of mine and is really successful at freelance… you can check out his stuff here: http://www.excessvoice.com/

2. Tyler Ingram - July 26, 2008

I do Freelancing web development. No big gigs yet as I’m slowly working out my workspace at home. (thinking of moving it actually) but with the Go Ahead from work allowing me to Work from home, I can probably take on more freelance projects too 🙂

3. Michael Kwan - July 26, 2008

Thanks for the link!

I guess I do write a lot about self-discipline, motivation, work ethic, and responsibility, because I have to remind myself of those issues/virtues from time to time too. Writing has always come pretty naturally to me… I tend to write the way I speak, just without the um’s and ah’s.

4. Jim Turner - July 26, 2008

My number one tip to anyone looking to be a professional blogger is don’t sell yourself short. Many times I see people giving away their learned expertise for pennies and it really undercuts the value of what we as professional bloggers can do. I know as I am in the business and see it first hand every day.


We are right now doing this for over 40 companies and I hate to see how much work the blogger puts in and the amount they are willing to pay.

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