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Coffee shop review – Luna Cafe (Gastown) July 26, 2008

Posted by Raul in Blogathon 2008, coffee, friends, Gastown, random thoughts, working spaces.

This is, by and large, the weirdest coffee shop I have been to in years. The owner/cashier was funny yet I was slightly scared by her. So, it turns out, they DO have wi-fi (which is important if you’re waiting in between meetings in Gastown, and since many of the tech companies are actually located in this district, it kinda helps to hang out around here).

I know, Jordan did kind of scold me for not having come to the Strutta offices earlier (right before our BarCamp Vancouver 2008 meeting) which I could have done directly after lunch with Tanya (thus enjoying free wifi without having to buy a tea at Luna Cafe), but honestly I didn’t remember their office address (ooops) – which is the reason why I needed to find wifi before the meeting, to find out where it was going to be held.

So, back to the coffee shop review. Luna Cafe is spacious, well kept, clean. It’s great for coffee and geeking out, but I find that it’s kind of complicated to be there if your laptop battery is not so good (as is my case – although I can’t complain – for all the problems and issues I’ve had with my poor, broken eMachines, the battery was still able to tide me over from 1.40 to 3 pm, when I went to meet Jordan, Megan, Boris, David and James and talk geek shop about BarCamp organizational issues.

Would I recommend Luna Cafe to other geeks? Sure, why not. It’s a good coffee shop, spacious and they have decent tea, although I find it slightly pricier than coffee shops in the Main Street area. But if you’re just looking for a coffee shop where you can hang out and tide you over to the next meeting, sure, why not. This is the place.



1. Erika Rathje - July 27, 2008

Dude, they have the BEST smoothies EVER! Alright, fine, I haven’t really tried anyone else’s, but they’re pure fruit if you ask for it and a good price. (Try a cranberry juice base with all the fruit except bananas.) I was addicted from the first drink. Really took me through some hot afternoons when I was working a skip and a hop from the place. Have you ever noticed they have gigantic printed photographs from Greenpeace on the back wall, on the way to the loo? I’m not sure why you find it weird (maybe the piano on the ground level and the unorthodox style down there?), I think it’s beautiful and I love the sign. It’s different, and refreshing (pardon the pun). Only complaint is it was always closed when I left work!

2. Jordan - July 28, 2008

Heh, I don’t know if “scold” is accurate, but if you’re in the neighborhood, you may always drop by!

It’s worth mentioning, the Freethenet.ca wifi mesh covers much of Gastown, making free wifi available to most of the neighborhood.

(Compliments of your friendly Gastown neighborhood tech community)

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