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It’s all about the equipment, too much edition July 26, 2008

Posted by Raul in Blogathon 2008, equipment, random thoughts.

This will be a really short post, because it relates to a forthcoming post on the fact that I need an iPhone. While walking to meet my good friend AF, I basically clipped everything you could ever imagine to my belt:
– My glasses case
– My iPod
– My cell phone case

In addition, I was wearing:
– Sunglasses
– Watch
– Wallet

By the end of it, I took everything off, simply because I can’t stand having things attached to me. I’ve never been one for carrying stuff around (that’s why I always try to get a nice backpack) and in addition to the stuff you see in the photo, I also was carrying my digital camera and my Flip camera. URGH. I hate carrying stuff around, I hate it!

It's all about the equipment!



1. strawberryghetto - July 26, 2008

Solution: Man Purse!

Good morning! Hope things are going well 🙂

2. Tyler Ingram - July 26, 2008

Why do you carry a digital camera and the Flip? Does your digital camera not do video?

What I have on myself when I wonder around: Canon SD750 (compact digitial camera), my new Canon EOS 450D, two cellphones (yes 2), sunglasses, wallet, keys, gum, loose change

Yes the iPhone would help eliminate your gadgets. The iPhone is a 2 MP digial camera and its optics probably wouldn’t replace your digitalcam in regards to quality 🙂 Though i still want an iPhone just not willing to pay the $199+3yrs for it.

3. Tyler Ingram - July 26, 2008

If you goto MEC on Broadway they have cool sling packs. I’ve seen bunch of people wearing them now. They have a spot for your cellphone on the strap, waterbottle pocket and 2 compartments.

But Raul when you get your Macbook, you’ll have to carry that around with you too!

4. Michael Yurechko - July 26, 2008

I carry my iPhone, wallet and keys. If I’m going somewhere to do work, I’ll bring my macbook air. I try to carry as little as possible..

5. Beth - July 26, 2008


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