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My favourite recent animal freak – Guest post by Maktaaq July 26, 2008

Posted by Raul in Blogathon 2008.

This guest post was contributed by Maktaaq from Maktaaq.com. Follow her blog there!”

Hello to Raul’s readers! My name is Maktaaq. I am guest blogging for my friend Raul this Blogathon 2008. However, because of my usual choice of subject matter, I am asking Raul to slot me in somewhere around 4 am. Nobody really reads the 4 am posts except the slackers who sleep through it and just read their rss feeds. By then, with 47 other posts clogging their feed, no one will notice.

Someone sent me a link to the Chinese angel cat, an animal that is quickly becoming my favourite animal freak. This cat isn’t just cute and fluffy, it’s got wings. Useless wings that won’t get this cat airborne, but still, it’s a cat with wing-like appendages!

The cat belongs to a certain Granny Feng of Xianyang in Sha’anxi, a province in Mainland China. The stumps that became the wings appeared a month ago, right around the time that the cat was apparently raped by some troublesome female cats. Granny Feng is convinced her cat was sexually harassed: “A month ago, many female cats in heat came to harass him, and then the wings started to grow,” she said in Huashang News exclusive interview.

Heh. The cat grows “two hairy 4-inch long wings” after a run-in with some horny girl cats. The wings have bones. Me sees what’s the deal here.



1. nancy (aka money coach) - July 26, 2008

that is crazy! poor old cat. wonder if it bumps into everything

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