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Restaurant review – Argo Cafe July 26, 2008

Posted by Raul in blogosphere, cheap eats, dining out, friends, Mount Pleasant.
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I used to have a category for small restaurants (e.g. eateries) but since I don’t make the distinction anymore, it’ll be ok if I categorize this as a restaurant. Tanya took me there for lunch as her office is in the neighbourhood (Mount Pleasant) and I live close by. We had talked about meeting at the Argo Cafe for lunch sometime, but we had never gotten around to it, but luckily we got a chance to do so this week.

Argo Cafe - Mt Pleasant

There are many reasons why I enjoyed this lunch so much. The first one, without a doubt, was having the company of Tanya, and having a chance to catch up IRL (in real life). The second one was being in the Mount Pleasant neighbourhood, close to the False Creek Olympic Village. I admit it, I am still an industry-oriented guy. Heck, if you read the post that Rebecca kindly invited me to write for Miss604.com, you’ll see how much I love this neighbourhood.

I am a chemical engineer, and that’s one of the reasons why I love this area so much, it still maintains a lot of its industrial flavor. Anyways, back to the Argo Cafe. It’s a very neat, clean, hole-in-the-wall kind of place that caters mostly to the people who work around the neighbourhood. It’s always packed, and the prices are really inexpensive. You can have a really hearty meal for around $9 to $10 dollars.

I ordered a burger without cheese (obviously) and with bacon, and it was big! I didn’t order the fries as Tanya ordered fish and chips and she shared some with me. I think it is a really cool place, and I look forward to coming down there again for lunch with Tanya (and I heard that Travis works close by, as I think does John Bollwitt!) … GeekCamp!

Argo Cafe on Urbanspoon



1. moritherapy - July 26, 2008

sounds great, raul. i love little hole-in-the-walls.

hey, we NEED to go to the filipino restaurant in my neighbourhood. it is supposed to be absolutely fabulous. i had some lumpia from there and they were AWESOME.

so – up for some IRL f2f time in the next few weeks?

2. Tanya (aka NetChick) - July 27, 2008

I thoroughly enjoyed the lunch! I’m so glad you made it down…

I’m such (SUCH) a bad blogger… I’m sorry I was so busy this weekend or I would have contributed more during your blogathon… I did try to monetarily participate in everyone’s fund, though.

Thanks so much for such a great deal of cool posts. I’m going do to a re-cap on Monday on my blog.

Hugs… you rock. And, chose such a great place to put your efforts (financially speaking) Love you…


3. Raul - July 27, 2008

@ Isabella – for sure IRL f2f time!

@ Tanya – you are NOT a bad blogger, you are a GREAT friend! 🙂 Love you too!

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