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The offline life of an online geek July 26, 2008

Posted by Raul in blogosphere, personal life, random thoughts, Vancouver.

These past weeks I have had a chance to meld both my online and offline social worlds, in various ways. I brought LMB over to Tanya‘s for Rock Band, and more recently, my very good friend HZ (who is pretty much like my brother) joined me for drinks with Duane, Ianiv, Arieanna, Rebecca and Trevor at Smiley O’Neils and then we headed to the BBQ that Jenn, Dario and Nadia and the crew at Invoke put together.

What I found really nice is that all my friends seem to be able to get along with each other, no matter how I met them. For example, HZ told me that he had had a really good time with all my blogger friends. However, other times I just simply spend time with different groups of people. In the future, I think I’ll have to be very careful with how many activities I schedule, because I tend to overbook myself!

Thanks are due to my friends, all of them, because they realize my time limitations and my physical limitations. I am now working really hard at learning how to ask for help when I need it, as I am usually the one who provides help, not the one who depends on others! And I get to enjoy more of my offline life, because both my online and offline friends understand me well.



1. Barbara Doduk - July 26, 2008

In the words of my favourite band “people are people” and we come from all walks of life. If we all accept that we are all fatally flawed human beings, we love one another despite it, then we can all get along. 🙂

I hope we get to hang sometime.

2. Michael Kwan - July 26, 2008

It is interesting when you try to meld together your social groups, because they inherently have slightly different interests. My blogger friends — John Chow, Ed Lau, Stephen Fung, etc. — tend to talk more about technology and the web, whereas my “regular” friends have no interest in the blogosphere, Twitter, etc.

It’s not necessarily on purpose, but these two groups have largely been kept apart in my social spheres. The only exception that comes to mind is when John Chow came to my birthday party. He was the oldest and geekiest one there. 🙂

3. Barbara Doduk - July 26, 2008

I guess that is true, it can be an issue if certain groups only want to discuss the topics that are of most interest to them. I find it helps that when meddling groups of various interests to find the common grounds that we all can share conversations in. It brings to light that we all can indeed have things in common.

4. Barbara Doduk - July 26, 2008

I meant MELDING not meddling hahaha man, more tea time.

5. Jenn - July 26, 2008

I for the most part keep them apart as well. Some of my friends can barely use email let alone talk about the different pro’s and con’s of the latest microblogging platform.

It was great to have you and everyone else join us at the BBQ. You definitely need to come to our next event!

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