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Happy Anniversary, Alex and Rob! July 29, 2008

Posted by Raul in blogosphere, random thoughts.

So, Twitter is the new black. I follow Rob Cottingham on Twitter (and I should add Alexandra Samuel too!) and I just found out that it was his 8th year anniversary. Since I’m known to be faster than a hummingbird (and even though my brain is fried) I wanted to post a “Happy Anniversary” thingie as that’s the geek equivalent of their 8th year anniversary gift. Since I’m single, I would also like to say that it’s heartwarming to see geek couples go through good and bad, in health and sickness. I am proud to be friends with several geek couples, and this one is also special as Alex and Rob work in a field that I enjoy (and want to get into) – social media for social change (and sustainability, in my case!). A toast to them!


1. robcottingham - July 30, 2008

Aw, thanks! Yer the greatest! (And it’s just what I wanted – how did you know?)

2. Alexandra Samuel - July 30, 2008

Thanks Raul! You’re the first person to celebrate our anniversary with the traditional link love. 😉

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