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Not a supercrucial post, but need to ask the question nonetheless July 29, 2008

Posted by Raul in random thoughts, Vancouver.

My body is aching, my head is spinning, I am going through a LOT of stuff right now and Vancouver Bloggers Meetup is tonight, the weather is awful (pouring rain), I’ve still got no brain cells to update my “Blogathon Aftermath” post nor to go through my RSS feeds and comment on people’s blogs. But I have to ask the question, however fluffy people may find it.

One of my best friends, LM, was commenting that she needed an overhaul. By that, she means, image change, wardrobe assessment, all that jazz. In my humble opinion, she is beautiful as is, but after she kindly took me to brunch at The Nice Cafe this morning (what a beautiful way to start a morning) I said I’d throw the question out to my readers.

So here is the question – say you are a single girl (or maybe a guy will be able to answer this question, who knows) in Vancouver, late twenties to early thirties. You want an image overhaul, but the budget is severely limited (for the record, she didn’t pose the question like this, but I think this is what she meant). Cheap ways to get a global overhaul here in Vancouver?

So, boys and girls, go nuts. If you’ve blogged about it, let me know in the comments. If you have a suggestion, leave it in the comments. If you want to blog about it, leave a trackback. And if you have an opinion, by all means express it. As for me? I think she should just stay as she is because she is beautiful in and outside, but if my blog can help her find some tips on where to do this overhaul, I’ll be more than happy. Because, as you all know, I like to harness whatever little or much power my blog has for the greater good. And yes I am still feeling emotionally and physically awful, if you want the honest truth.



1. Barbara Doduk - July 29, 2008

I am always on the look out for “cheap” image upgrades that aren’t “crap”. That is always the tricky part.

I know there are sometimes make over give aways by salons… you’d have to do a little digging.

I know the beauty hair schools often perform cheap to free hair cuts.

Or offer to be a hair model for someone, Craigslist often has ads by stylists needing a head of hair to do a special cut on. Limits your options but it could be totally free.

Usually there are places that advertise in the Straight for 1/2 price facials etc… for first time visits.

Not sure if that helps?

2. raincoaster - July 29, 2008

Be careful with the hair schools. One of them virtually destroyed my hair: VCC’s program is really good, though, and quite cheap, like $10 or so for a cut. The London School I’ve heard good things about as well, and they’re only a block West of VCC on Pender; they do full aesthetics like pedicures, etc.

For clothing, take a look at some books. There are many great fashion makeover books out there. And holding a “shop and swap” at your house, where your friends bring things they want to trade, can be very good because they will generally be honest about what suits you and what doesn’t; everything that doesn’t get snapped up gets donated to charity.

If your friend is jobhunting, there is also Dress for Success, an outstanding organization which gives those on IE or other assistance a good set of jobhunting clothes including shoes.

3. Beth - July 29, 2008

How about heading to a thrift store with a friend whose fashion opinion you trust? You’d be surprised at the amazing pieces of clothing you can get for *dirt cheap* at thrift stores like the SPCA store or the Salvation Army. I get complemented on my clothes all the time and 99% of what I wear comes from thrift stores. You have to be willing to spend the time to search through the mediocre clothes in order to find the gems, but it’s totally worth it.

4. raincoaster - July 30, 2008

Salvation Army is more expensive than Value Village, but the best thrift store in Vancouver is … I think it’s called Liberty, up at Main and 28th. Tonight I was wearing a $200 sequinned sweater I picked up for $15 at Value Village. But thrift stores are not for those who do not have confidence in their taste.

5. Beth - July 30, 2008

@Raincoaster – Do you ever go to the SPCA Thrift stores? Super cheap (like $2 for shirts, $4-5 for skirts or pants). I agree that you can’t go if you don’t have confidence in your style, which is why I suggest taking along a friend whose opinion you do have confidence in.

6. Jennifer - July 30, 2008

My tip doesn’t really give her any cheap ideas for places to go for makeovers or buying clothes. Rather than that, I thought I’d suggest something for getting to know her own style better. There’s a book that’s been written by a pair of Vancouver women called Style Statement. It’s all about identifying your authentic self and goes into all aspects of your life. She may feel that she isn’t really accurately reflecting her personality with her style and the book has different exercises for recognizing what you’re drawn to and why. They’ve also set up a blog with a daily Q&A that you can subscribe to – http://carrieanddanielle.com/

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