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Restaurant review – Capone’s (Yaletown) July 30, 2008

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This past weekend was without a doubt one of the most challenging I’ve had in a long, long while, not only because of Blogathon Vancouver 2008 but also because I’m so behind in my own work. It was therefore very nice to see that my body decided to still respond on Sunday night despite the fact that I was severely sleep-deprived.

Gus had offered to take me out for dinner, and coincidentally, JT and I had agreed to skip this Sunday as we had spent Friday together because of previous commitments on Sunday night, so it worked out perfectly. After a few naps, I met Gus and Russ in Yaletown and we proceeded to scour the streets of Vancouver in search of some good Italian food.

Let me tell you one thing – if you think your favorite restaurant is going to be open, you are WRONG. We tried for Scioppino’s and they were CLOSED. Wierd. But luckily for us, Capone’s was open. To say that this was good times would be a gross understatement. This was GREAT times.

The service was good, although at some points our waiter kind of seemed to wander around. But I can’t complain, the company was really outstanding and I had a really great time. I have to say that my sense of humour is really very similar to that of Gus and Russ’ and that’s something that makes a nice meal even better, to share it with friends that can relate to you and to whom you can relate as well. Ah, good times!

We all ordered different varieties of pasta (after an antipasto platter that was really delicious, but unfortunately contained cheese so I had to skip on that one). If I recall correctly, we ordered chorizo and prawn fetuccine, ancho chicken linguini (this was my choice) and AAA tenderloin & mushroom linguini. Mine was really good, particularly because I love ancho chile.

As for drinks, Capone’s mojito is REALLY good but their martinis are weak. And they don’t have a Bellini (shame on them). My photos don’t do our dinner justice as it was late-ish at night and I didn’t want to use my flash.

Dinner at Capone's

Dinner at Capone's

Dinner at Capone's

Apparently, Capone’s has live jazz but we didn’t stay that late. Oh, and let me tell you. There is a LOT of eye candy in Yaletown 🙂 Thanks to Gus for taking Russ and me for dinner as this was a highlight of my weekend!

Capone's Restaurant & Live Jazz Club on Urbanspoon



1. Tyler Ingram - July 30, 2008

Oh the foods looks good! I might have to check it out since I’ll be on Hamilton St today on an interview! lol

2. GusF - July 30, 2008

Ahhh Great food and company indeed! All good times!

Raul I got to you know you a little better that night and glad we made each other laugh!

3. Rebecca - July 30, 2008

Unfortunately I’m not sure I’ll be back there. The first time with work was awesome, then they showed up on Coastal Health’s “no no” list – then we went there unknowingly and John had lipstick caked on his beer glass — although I gotta say that food in your photos does look good.

4. Raul - July 30, 2008

@ Tyler – I really liked the food, so maybe let me know if it’s ok for you!

@ Gus – Good times indeed 🙂

@ Rebecca – I think you had mentioned it in the list of places on your post about SteakCamp, but the honest truth is that the food this Sunday was outstanding. And you know me, I’m quite picky with food. The lipstick on his beer glass … EEEEWWW

We ordered martinis and mojitos and I did check the glasses (I always do) and it seemed quite ok.

5. Daniel McLaren - July 30, 2008

Funny that you should mention mojitos as I was there one night and they didn’t have mint leaves. The server suggested using green crème de menthe for a similar effect and we went for it. Bad move.

Didn’t ruin the night at all, though, especially with Terminal Station on jazz duty that night. Capone’s is definitely on my list of happy places.

6. miss604 - July 30, 2008

mmmm mojitos!

7. I Love Food Blog - November 19, 2008

Those pasta dishes look deliscious….would have ordered pizza if I hadn’t read this review. Thanks.

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