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Weekend blues, ups and downs August 2, 2008

Posted by Raul in blogosphere, personal life, random thoughts, Vancouver.

Not so much emotional ups and downs, as much as things not going the way I want them or need them to go, but I always try to keep a positive attitude. Particularly because as I mentioned on Twitter, in the grander scheme of things, my life is actually quite good, and I have NOTHING to complain about.

True, I found out that an assistant-professor position I had applied for was already filled (even though I applied BEFORE the deadline), so that was VERY frustrating. Of course, I understand that universities play this kind of game, but it’s really annoying. One of the reasons why I DON’T want to go into academia. But the sad thing is, I am at the right time for the 2009 job market. This IS the right time to do all the job applications for tenure-track positions. But I hate the “applying for” game.

I was also asked to vacate my university office, which totally sucks because I do need a desk and a computer. But at least, apparently I will be able to come in and use a desk every so often. Well, it could be worse.

I have been feeling anti-social this weekend, so I haven’t really been in the socializing mood. But I got even more annoyed at myself for this, because I was invited by the always lovely Matt and Maktaaq to come watch a movie on Saturday night, and I FORGOT. GRRRRR.

However, on the very positive side of things, Matt and Maktaaq completely understood that I needed some time, and we’ve agreed to hang out some other time. I’ve also had a chance to settle some issues for if/when I move away with close friends of mine.

I’ve also paid most of my bills online (although I recently found out that so many phone calls during the day – when the cost per call on my cell is super expensive – has quickly depleted my pay-as-you go account).

Also on the positive side of things, had a chance to hang out on Thursday night with Rebecca and Karen at the Pacific Theatre. Rebecca invited me to attend Metamorphoses earlier in the week and I was very happy I went, because it was a great show. So, despite the fact that my Friday was less than stellar, my Saturday has been rather awful, but my Thursday was good and I’m hoping my Sunday will be too.

So, as you can see, my weekend has had some ups and some downs. I’m going to the Pride parade tomorrow, will have brunch with some friends, hang out with other friends as well, and hopefully, forget about August 2nd, 2008, which has been a rather forgettable day.

Do you ever have one of those days/weekends that you just wish you could write off? Today is one of those for me. But it’s important to keep things in perspective. People whom I love and care for are currently struggling and battling worse things than I am, so time to stop pouting. Have everyone a great Sunday!

[SIDE NOTE – Duane, Ianiv and Arieanna are going to BC 150 in Victoria, so make sure to read their blogs for good coverage of the festivities!

I won’t be blogging tomorrow (Sunday) but I’ll report back on the Pride Parade and festival]

[SECOND SIDE NOTE – My 1000th post is two posts from now, as I have subtracted all of my guest posts from Blogathon – therefore, my Pride recap will be Post # 999 and I still have to decide if I’m going to organize some sort of celebration for Post # 1000th – suggestions accepted, as I had already said that I’d indeed be celebrating my 1000th post]



1. Phaedra - August 3, 2008

Hope you have fun at the Pride Parade today! Tea sometime this week?

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