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El Panteón Taurino – tamarind margaritas and bullfighting August 15, 2008

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My brother S is definitely a Mexican food/drinks connoisseur. He always knows where to go when we are back at our childhood home. He decided that before he returned to Canada (which he will be doing tomorrow) he had to take us for drinks and “botanas” (tapas) at “El Panteon Taurino”. This hyperlocal, ultra-well known restaurant bar is famous for being a bullfighting-themed watering hole.

Leon Aug 2008 011

The food here is excellent, but it is not the main actor in this movie. The real star here are the drinks. I had two margaritas (one with Herradura Reposado and one with Patrón). You can’t be Mexican and not like tamarind and mango, so I ordered my margaritas with those flavors, respectively. WHOA. MargaritaCamp for one, thank you very much.

Leon Aug 2008 016

We had shrimp soup, guacamole, carne tártara (tartar meat, I guess would be the English translation), and lots, and lots of tequila. Mom is a tequila snob and thus she won’t drink hers mixed so she prefers a tequila puesto (tequila with a glass of lime juice and some sangrita).

Leon Aug 2008 015

To end a meal with a Mariachi serenade is a treat, in my opinion. My brother hired a Mariachi band to sing a number of Mom’s favorite songs. Given that I’m rather private with my family, I set the vast majority of my Flickr videos to private, but you can see a snippet of a song here.

I should also add that ever since I got a Flip camera and I learned how to embed videos and photos, I have started carrying my digital camera and the Flip. I almost feel like I’ve learned a totally different way of documenting my life. Anyways, family time is always awesome.



1. Keira-Anne - August 15, 2008

Mmm…that food looks amazing!

2. Newmark - August 15, 2008

Hope the tamarind and mango margarita tastes better than it looks!

3. Raul - August 15, 2008

@ Keira-Anne – it was great!

@ Newmark – Trust me, it did 🙂 My photos don’t do it justice!

4. Marina - August 15, 2008

Oh wow, the music is fantastic! And the Margarita looks….delicious.

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