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Happy Birthday Dave Thorvald Olson! August 16, 2008

Posted by Raul in blogosphere, personal life, random thoughts.
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Better known as Uncleweed or DaveO, Dave Thorvald Olson is one gem of a human being. Thanks to Rebecca (who wrote one of the sweetest happy birthday posts I’ve read in a long time), I met Dave, first through our blogs and then in person at EPIC 2008.

Dave invited me to be a guest blogger on HappyFrog, a FrogSquadder. Dave has provided me with much needed sage advice and comfort words when I’ve been down and wanted to quit blogging. And it has been Dave who has always encouraged me to branch out, become a podcaster as well, etc. He has connected me to many social media for social change folks. One of his most inspiring roles as a moderator really had me at “f!ck stats, make art!”“.

Below you can find one of Dave’s appearances at The Lab with Leo Laporte.

As very appropriately indicated by Rebecca, DaveO is an inspiration, a friend, a brother and a champion to many of us. To you, my friend, I raise a glass of tequila. Happy birthday Dave.



1. raincoaster - August 16, 2008

Dave is a great guy who’s genuinely interested in building meaningful connections and communities online. He deserves every success.

Even if he DID beat me out for that HappyFrog job, dammit. But I’m SO OVER THAT!

2. Dave O - August 18, 2008

Oh Raul! You are too kind and glad you enjoyed the Leo clip – that was a lot of fun. I am proud to be your friend, collaborator and eco-cohort. With your remarkable energy, passion and education, there is no limit to the great things you’ll accomplish – i am glad to be along for your ride. And yes, beverages!

@raincoaster – thanks for your kind words too ~ for all my somewhat laissez-faire demeanour, i do take great pride in effectuating meaningful connections which “do something” to help the world improve in some way and i’m stoked that others like you are joyfully sailing in the same boat.

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