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I haz new contactz and new haircut August 16, 2008

Posted by Raul in personal life, random thoughts.

Totally irrelevant, totally self-absorbed, and totally awesome. I decided to go to a local optometrist (Opticas Devlyn) upon a recommendation from a friend of Karen Hamilton’s, and now I have six pairs of contacts. Had a full check of my vision, got my interpupilar distances and now can order cheap inexpensive glasses thanks to Karen Parker. And I have a new haircut, so if you’re friends with me on Flickr, you’ll see the new haircut and new eyes soon(ish). Now, I’m off to have the car washed and do some writing. I’m writing a journal article on water governance and privatization. You’ll have a full blog post soon(ish).

Since I’m only doing actual work while Mom is away doing her stuff, I am betting my progress will be very limited. My very close friend HZ is in SMA, about 2 hr drive from here, so I am going to go visit him, his brother and his parents down there. Family reunion! I consider HZ like my brother, so his parents are technically my adoptive parents. My Mom also has always a great time with them, so this should be really fun. Photos forthcoming after tomorrow.



1. Karen - August 16, 2008

Glad that Devlyn worked out for you!

2. Phaedra - August 16, 2008

yay! New eyes are always awesome!

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