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Breakfast, the most important meal of the day August 26, 2008

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I’m probably breaking my own record for posts in one single day, but since I’m pretty much done with work today, I figured I’d share a couple of photos of what constitutes my breakfast almost every day while here. Yes, I’ve gained weight. No, I don’t feel bad. Yes, I love fruit. No, it’s not expensive.

A traditional breakfast for me

The main component of breakfast in my Mom’s household has always been fruit. The strange cylinders you see there (red and white) are cactus pears (tunas). Cactus pears are some of the tastiest fruits I’ve ever had. I bought about 3 kilograms for 1 Canadian dollar.

Red cactus pears

Green cactus pears

I decided to go back on caffeine (I’ve had about a cup of coffee every third day or so) and Mom uses the mug that JT got me for Halloween one year 🙂


As you can see, breakfast includes scrambled eggs with chorizo (not always) and lots of papaya and banana. The only thing that I often disliked when eating this heavy a breakfast was feeling sleepy. But lately I’ve noticed that I can usually feel rather awake if I have the coffee LAST, instead of before starting my meal.

I also have found that I am now documenting my life much more with photos and video (of course, having the equipment is important). And I now try to carry my Flip camcorder and my digital camera everywhere (you iPhone’rs stop bugging me!). Below you will find video of the fruit stand where I buy juice and fruit for breakfast.



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