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Online dating… the discussion continues August 26, 2008

Posted by Raul in blogosphere, dating, personal life, random thoughts, Vancouver.
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I often wonder if being single is what makes those of us who are still not hitched to think about it loudly and write about it on our blogs. At any rate, I share my friends’ concerns and questions, so I am going to give hat tips to Tanya and Duane who started awesome discussion threads on their blogs about the whole online dating thing (read Tanya’s great entry here and Duane’s awesome post here, although his is more focused on who picks up the tab).

For a bit of context, I also had posted questions about dating before, but never really got deep into the discussion (the most recent was an entry about whether dating is a skill that needs to be honed). One time I even gave the website ShagABlogger some exposure and asked about inter-blogger relations and hook ups.

Recently, while looking for a photo, I came across an interview with Pete Cashmore of Mashable.com where he talks about dating. You can see part of the interview below.

What I found interesting (I have no idea who Pete is dating and how he met said person) is that the discussion at some point revolved around meeting someone NOT online but hanging out at specific social circles (like the Meetups I often attend). While I recognize that we are immersed in a “New Normal” where we meet potential partners and friends online (I can now admit that I’ve met some of my best friends online, as blogging has brought me numerous friends to whom I am close now).

The thing is, blogging in my case (and I think in Tanya’s and Duane’s case is the same) has allowed people to get to know me before they actually meet me in person. Also, I might be able to find a potential mate while on Facebook, but… as I’ve said before, I’m not into the whole Facebook Poke thingie.

So, the question remains… what do do, what to do? In the mean time, I’m going to go on the record and say that I thoroughly enjoy my singlehood.



1. star anise - August 26, 2008

I tried online dating once… didn’t really like it. But I have gone out on dates with random people from my past through facebook. Guys I went to highschool with who I never spoke to in school have asked me out on Facebook and I’ve gone out with friends of friends. Definitely have to find other avenues of meeting people in this city. It’s hard to find quality in the bars…

PS… thanks for all your comments and for adding us to your blog roll! Just one thing… would you mind changing the listing to “spicy ladies” instead of Star Anise… wouldn’t want Wild Thyme to get jealous 😉

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