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Being away feels so weird August 29, 2008

Posted by Raul in personal life, random thoughts.

I have been away from Vancouver for almost three weeks and I feel so strange. I haven’t really Twittered much, nor have I had a chance to reply to all the emails and tweets I’ve received (thanks all). I am right now feeling of two minds. On the one hand, I miss being in touch with my friends, both online and offline. But on the other hand, being disconnected for such long periods of time just feels… right.

This is definitely family time, and I have surprised and amazed myself by actually saying “no” to a lot of things. Even if you call my land line, this is what I said there (and I turned off any voice mail deposits) = “Hi, I will be away from Vancouver from August 7th to about September 14th. I will NOT be checking voicemail, so if you really want to talk to me, please call back after September 14th. Thanks so much“.

I know that to some people, that may sound even rude, but to me, it felt rather liberating. I *have* to draw the line at some point. I also told many friends locally that this was family time and that there would be no ‘grand reunions’.

My cousins and uncle have been barraged with lots of phone calls and emails (and so have we, myself and my family), and the truth is, right now I think what everyone needs is time with themselves and on their own. We all feel grateful, but at the same time, we also feel overwhelmed.

The good thing is that I’ve managed to do the occasional Twittering and I’ve lined up some blog content to be published in the mean time. I’ve also managed to chat on GTalk for very brief periods of time.

One thing should be said publicly, though. I DO miss you guys, and I DO look forward to coming back home to Vancouver and resuming my life. But in the mean time, I am thrilled to have a chance to spend time with family. It’s been really awesome and centering.



1. Kerry Anne - August 29, 2008

I understand totally. I consciously unplug as well, and I find it very liberating. I think it feels right because we’re not supposed to have our heads stuck in computers all day. Time alone/with family is regenerating, and I think you need it given what you’ve been facing these past few months.

Although some of the social networking sites are a great way to stay connected, I find them time-consuming and overwhelming to keep up with. I’d rather just get together with you and have a glass of wine and catch up. I still enjoy Facebook (I know you don’t FB) because it’s a one-stop place where I can keep up with my friends and family, geek and non-geek alike.

Just remember, that time with your family, and your happiness matter most. Don’t feel guilty about your need to unplug and recharge. It’s healthy.

2. Phaedra - August 30, 2008

You are missing my party on Sept 6th. I wll video and record as much as possible….might even have mix tape material 😉

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