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What else is missing on my local guide? September 2, 2008

Posted by Raul in Uncategorized.

I am overprotective. One of the things I enjoy the most is protecting people (I think this comes in part from feeling short, small and disempowered and then learning martial arts to fight back bullying, and in part from being of a nurturing nature).

With only a couple of weeks left until I return to Vancouver, I want to leave Mom with a full guide to life here. Let me explain: I was the one who did the contracts for internet and cable TV, I am the one who usually organizes things here at home and at her office, etc.

So I am creating a “local guide” not only for her but also for my brothers and myself for when we are in town. Since we (my brothers and I) left this city years ago, we find out about things and have a steep learning curve whenever we are here. A couple of weeks back, my brother and I were having a tough time finding a good internet cafe with scanner and printer. But I finally found an internet cafe only four blocks away from Mom’s home.

Thus, I want to create this local guide with tips for anyone of us who comes and visits, or for Mom to deal with stuff here. Of course, she does not need this but I think it’s handy. I’m having a hard time as to what else to include, so feel free to add suggestions in the comment section.

So far, I have written the following:

  • Phone numbers in Canada, Mexico and the US for me and my brothers (home, office and cell phones)
  • Phone numbers in Mexico for my best friends
  • Phone numbers in Mexico for my cousins and aunts/uncles (home, office and cell phone)
  • Phone number and contract number for cable internet and TV
  • Address of the nearest internet cafe
  • Address and phone numbers of the nearest food take-outs

I’m sure I’m missing lots of useful things, so do feel free to offer suggestions. Thanks!



1. Liesa Billings - September 2, 2008

Canadian Embassy? lol
Computer repair, electronics store?

Emergency numbers, not sure what is down in Mexico but our equivalent to Fire or Police department. Maybe Ambulance or Dr Clinic or Dentist.

Drugstore (not that kind)
Car rental
Tour Guides or Groups
List of Activities

2. L.E. - September 2, 2008

the fun stuff:
fun things for her to explore and learn about.
Things she otherwise wouldn’t venture out to do on her own.

things could include.
– What are the top 10 attractions/places to go see (& when) – if she had only 1 week to spend?
– music lesson locations
– camera stores
– outfits that support any creative activity, really
– how to guides (best discussed over beverages though – ask her what makes her truly happy)
i.e. what would add another dimension to her life that she would like to, but is currently not doing – and then develop a guide for that

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