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On the authentic Mexican food topic September 3, 2008

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I recently updated my post on places for Mexican food, and I got all sorts of feedback and suggestions for places to try.

However, I figured I’d let you know that I’ve been enjoying a lot of really authentic Mexican food. Since my eldest brother is in town visiting for a week, we went for breakfast this past Sunday to the same menudo place we usually go to (he’s a menudo fan) with Mom.

Varias Fotos Aug 31 2008 019

We didn’t order quesadillas or tacos, but I was SO tempted, since the tortillas are hand-made.

Varias Fotos Aug 31 2008 018

Varias Fotos Aug 31 2008 013

We all had a nap (since we needed it as we had been awake since 4 am) and then we hung out around the city, having a chance to sample a typical snack with cucumber and jicama (called “chalupa”, see below).

Jicamas 009

Finally, we ended up going downtown, attending a church service and then having hot-dogs for dinner. These are awesome times.



1. crunchy carpets - September 3, 2008

Oooh yum None of my family enjoy Mexican food, so I rarely even get to the good restaurants in Vancouver.

Last night at the mall I was buying Taco Time (don’t laugh) and so was this really nice Mexican chap who then asked me if it was any good.

I laughed…compared to what ? I said.

We had a chuckle.

2. degan - September 3, 2008

wow, that looks amazing! yum.

3. raincoaster - September 3, 2008

Menudo’s recent output has been sketchy compared to their glory days with the young Ricky Martin.

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