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Roadtrip in Mexico September 6, 2008

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My brother A needed a ride back to my parent’s hometown from the city where he was so I took my Mom’s car, went and picked him up. I love driving, and roadtrips are a lot of fun. Besides, my eldest brother and I are really very good friends, so it’s always a treat to hang out with him. Unfortunately, Mom had to teach so I went there on my own. Not a bad drive, 3 hours. Normally it would take me 2 but the road was horrible. URGH.

Horrible highways in Mexico

Passed through the city of Ojuelos, in the state of Jalisco (I crossed four states in this trip!). I’ve always loved this construction so I had a chance to take a photo (and I’m surprised at how nice it turned out!).

Ojuelos, Jalisco

Lunch was a “full meal” (comida corrida) with soup, the main dish and dessert (banana with sweet cream and sugar). Very inexpensive (the full meal was $35 Mexican pesos).

Sopa de tornillo

Carne con arroz y chile

Platanos con crema

I was pretty lucky because drivers in SLP are incredibly aggressive, and I had to face some really bad drivers on the road too. And I thought Vancouver drivers were awful!



1. Jennie C. - September 9, 2008

Oh my word – those food pics are killing me. I love Mexican food and it just is NOT very accessible in Abbotsford, BC!

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