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Brothers and Sisters – A reminder September 7, 2008

Posted by Raul in family.

I really enjoy watching the ABC show Brothers and Sisters, as I’ve mentioned before. The song “Pictures of You” is one of my very favorites. And the funny thing is, even though I only have brothers, the family dynamics does remind me of my very own family.

While I am happy to report that my family is not dysfunctional like the Walkers, there are things that remind me of my brothers. The banter and playful chatter amongst the brothers and sisters. The disagreements in opinion, particularly between the mother and the children. But the one thing that reminds me the most of my family is the absolute love and adoration that each and everyone of the members of the Walker family share. This is the case with my own family.

My brothers and I may disagree on issues. We may have confrontations, sometimes. But we love each other deeply and we support each other ALWAYS. Ever since we were very little, my brothers and I got used to being each others’ best friends. We’ve stuck together through thin and thick. Same as the Walkers. That’s one of the reasons why I love the show. Plus, the matriarch is awesome, as is my mother.

I’m looking forward to the third season of Brothers and Sisters, which starts on Sep 18th (very timely!)



1. star anise - September 8, 2008

I’ve never watched this… Is it the show with Calista Flockhart? I’ll have to check it out.

PS… We’ve put up one of your suggestions for Man of the Week today.. enjoy!

2. p1nk111 - September 8, 2008

i love brothers & sisters too. It actually starts 9/28. it can’t start early enough! funny thing is i didn’t get into it until i watched the starter kit thing on abc.com (check it out here http://abc.go.com/player/?channel=5071). now i’m hooked!

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