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Witty tweets September 10, 2008

Posted by Raul in random thoughts, Twitter.
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I use Twitter both as a tool to interact with my friends as well as a tool to reach out to a broader public. I’ve programmed TwitterFeed to publish my posts (I can’t use WordTwit because I’m not self-hosted yet). Usually I make a concerted effort to write funny tweets, because honestly, I really appreciate reading one, but I’m not always as witty as some of my readers and follows.

some fave tweets

I uploaded some funny tweets (you can check my Favorites on Twitter) on my Flickr account, so this is only a sample. A recent really funny one that Lorraine (aka Raincoaster) published recently was this:

raincoaster Web 2.0 Shirley Manson says: Stupid Twhirl! about 7 hours ago from web

I figured that we could start a thread of witty tweets for singers and songs and Web 2.0 (like Lorraine did here), but I’m not witty enough. Any ideas?



1. Barbara Doduk - September 11, 2008

I deleted my Twitter account. I found it to be a waste of time. I am glad you seem to get so much joy out of it though.

2. In The Sphere: Flaky Clients and Witty Tweets | BlueFur.com - September 12, 2008

[…] is known to the real world, is also actively involved in Twitter where he came across a number of witty tweets. It’s not just about what you are doing; it’s about how you describe what you are doing […]

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