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Molson’s Brew 2.0 Vancouver: An unbelievable experience September 17, 2008

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Since 2008, I navigate in two worlds all the time. On the one hand, I am the academic and technical guy who works in the environmental studies and policy fields. On the other hand, I’m the blogger and social media guy who writes about Vancouver and the stuff that happens around his life in the city. Molson’s Brew 2.0 Vancouver gave me a great opportunity to enjoy both worlds to the maximum.

As properly indicated by Colleen, I tried REALLY hard not to nerd out during my visit and tour to the Molson Brewery in Vancouver. Given my entirely technical background (chemical engineering, graduate degrees in environmental studies), I was fully prepared to ask questions regarding the specifical details of plant operation, safety and risk management, the issue of being an industrial plant in a growingly residential zone (Kitsilano), the history of beer production, what environmental measures had Molson implemented and
all sorts of other technical things.

Colleen and Tanya

On the other hand, and as noted above, I was also fully prepared to ask the tough questions on the campaign design, blogger relations, the outreach and community strategy at Molson. I *am* both people, the social media and the environmental guy. And I love it. Had a great chat with Tonia Hammer and Adam Moffat, from the Molson’s Community Outreach team and with Meghan Warby and David Jones from Hill and Knowlton, who helped Molson create this fantastic event.

Tonia and Michael

I would like to think that I didn’t nerd out a lot, because I was really positively impressed with the technical details, with the chance to actually see the brewing process from the inside, and with the environmental consciousness of Molson. Did you know that they reduced 75% of the water consumption they were exerting when they first started producing in Vancouver? On the social media and outreach side, I absolutely enjoyed the company of everyone involved in the campaign. Tonia, Adam, Meghan and David made us really feel at home. It was also simply outstanding to be poured a drink and given a full tour by the designer of the Rickards brew himself! Moreover, as I told Geoff Molson, the 7th generation heir of John Molson, for me, the definition of Canadian was always Molson (truthfully, because when I moved to Canada, the VERY first beer I drank was Molson Canadian).

Mr. Molson himself!

I would like to believe that I do good event recaps, but so far I’ve read some that I think will give you a lot of insight into what transpired, so I’ll let my friends give you the full 411.

David Drucker, David Jones and Meghan Warby


I will be updating this post with recaps from all my friends (so feel free to drop me a comment if I haven’t linked to yours yet!).

Rebecca, John, Ryan and Tanya

Degan and Ianiv

My head had been spinning with lots of ideas and thoughts about all the right things that I think Molson and Hill and Knowlton did on this campaign. It’s going to sound like I am gushing, even though everything I say is very true and very well deserved. Here are some highlights:

– We are bloggers and we love that you make our job easy. Give us swag that (a) we will appreciate and (b) helps us write awesome reviews of your event.
– We appreciate kindness and elegance. It was VERY classy to give us a “thank you for coming and hanging out with us” gift (beer glass, USB key and a case of beer with a HANDWRITTEN thank you note).
– We appreciate personalized invites. I loved that my invite mentioned several posts I had been writing. I also appreciated the editorial freedom of “you don’t even need to write about it“. I had a great time, OF COURSE I’m going to write about it.
– We appreciate personalized attention. The tour, the pairings of beer and food, the presence of Mr. Rickard and Mr. Molson, the conversation with the Molson and H&K teams. Everything hit the right note.

I would have filled this post with many, many more photos but you can enjoy them all on my Flickr set.



1. Hez - September 17, 2008

“We appreciate personalized invites. I loved that my invite mentioned several posts I had been writing. I also appreciated the editorial freedom of “you don’t even need to write about it“. I had a great time, OF COURSE I’m going to write about it.”

I sure would have appreciated a reply to the email I sent them a week ago asking to attend. An hour before the event, GusF told me it was okay to just show up, but by then it was too late. What’s funny is I even have Molson beer in my fridge right now.

2. colleen - September 17, 2008

we get a case of beer too? cool!!

3. Adam Moffat - September 18, 2008

We really enjoyed meeting you as well, Raul. We’re lucky to have such a great facility in Vancouver, as well as some great colleagues and friends like Geoff Molson, Gord Rickards and others that love to share their passion for beer. Look forward to our next encounter.

4. meegs - September 18, 2008

Hey Raul – Awesome post, great summary, hot pics (;) & happy bday (tomorrow!)

Hez – I was sending out the event invites & never received an email from you – Feel free to email or call me anytime to clear this up.

As for the ‘it was okay to just show up’ – anyone that did attend saw that we tracked invitees w/ a guest list & the venue was at/near capacity.

Shout me a holler when you get a minute, please!

5. Danny Dang - September 18, 2008

It was great to finally meet you! Great photos!

6. crunchycarpets - September 18, 2008

Yeah..my dh and his employer were very jealous and really wished they could have attended.

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