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Unwell September 22, 2008

Posted by Raul in Uncategorized.

So I’m faced with a relatively serious dilemma. Last night I started showing symptoms of what appears to be food poisoning. EDIT – According to the Wikipedia definition of food poisoning, this wouldn’t exactly qualify. Particularly because I can’t prove exact causation and I really can’t tell that I have some sort of bacteria, etc…

However, I still I couldn’t hold my dinner from last night in my body, and I still feel rather ill. Now, I noticed that the food we were eating last night that C and B took me out to dinner for my b’day was definitely not of the same quality that has always been at this particular restaurant (whose name I won’t reveal at the moment).

Admittedly you could say that I was already feeling not too well from the night before but I did have breakfast, and I held it rather well. It was the dinner that really hit me, I think. And now I am faced with a doubly-hard choice. First, I was going to write about the poor quality of the food anyways, in hopes that the restaurant owners may read my review and try to make adjustments (my pasta wasn’t well cooked, it was still rigid and not ‘al dente’, and C and B’s pizza was EXTREMELY SALTY). But with this turn of events, I am feeling slightly queasy. I don’t want to blame the restaurant for my current state of apparent food poisoning, yet I don’t see any other variables influencing the outcome (that I basically had stomach problems all night and right now).

What would you do in my case? I can always just keep it to myself and/or tell the restaurant privately, and that would probably be a good idea. In the mean time, I feel awful đŸ˜¦

EDIT – Decided against naming the restaurant, I’m just going to talk to them privately and tell them about the episode.


1. Barbara Doduk - September 22, 2008

I hope you feel better.

Best to contact them privately as you decided, to see if any other complaints came in. If it was the establishment they will have to report it.

2. Urban Dweller - September 22, 2008

Good decision to contact them privately. It can happen at any place when you eat out I guess :S

3. Emme - September 22, 2008

I agree – telling them privately is the way to go. Especially if you are not certain that it is food poisoning. And there are a few short lived stomach bugs going around at the moment.

Rest up, feel better and drink lots of fluids.

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