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Biodynamic wines and sustainability – The Farmstead Wines September 30, 2008

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Last week I had the pleasure of having lunch at Salt Tasting Room and enjoy for the very first time some of the Farmstead wines . Despite the fact that I missed VinoCamp (due to overcommitments) I heard rave reviews, so I was looking forward to a taste.

On my Flickr set, Sean Orr (of Beyond Robson’s Morning Brew fame) was kind enough to describe each one of the platters we were offered while at Salt (thanks Sean, very much appreciated). One additional bit of information he kindly added was the fact that Farmstead’s wines are all biodynamic .

Lunch at Salt Tasting Room (Gastown) - NDMD '08

In previous posts I’ve talked about eco-vodka, but I had never tried biodynamic wines (well, up until I met Anthony Nicalo). What is the relevance of a wine being biodynamic , you may ask? Well, according to the Wikipedia entry, biodynamic agriculture entails:

Regarded by some proponents as the first modern ecological farming system, biodynamic farming includes organic agriculture’s emphasis on manures and composts and exclusion of the use of artificial chemicals on soil and plants.[Wikipedia entry on Biodynamic Agriculture ]

Farmstead Wines are certified. I had a chance to have a few glasses of different wines not only at Salt but also at the BarCamp Vancouver 2008 party at WorkSpace . Great flavor, and I definitely feel more environmentally conscious as a result. Admittedly, I’m more of a sweet wine kind of guy, but that’s not to say that I can’t have a glass or two of a more dry wine, particularly if it’s environmentally responsible and socially conscious!



1. Beth - September 30, 2008

I’m confused. What’s the difference (if any) between “organic” and “biodynamic”?

2. Raul - September 30, 2008

There’s the underlying philosophy (I didn’t quote the full entry on Wikipedia), but I’d say that “organic” is a sub-set of “biodynamic”. At least that’s what I understand from the entry. I haven’t done enough research ( but you’re welcome to try a glass of the wine as well! I got a couple of bottles 🙂 ) It’s pretty tasty.

3. Phaedra - October 2, 2008

I want to try some….mmmwine!

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