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Restaurant review – Britannia Sushi October 1, 2008

Posted by Raul in Commercial Drive, dining out, sushi.

There are perks to hanging around The Drive (otherwise known as Commercial Drive). One of them is that you can get any kind of food almost within any price range. I roamed south of Broadway trying to find this sushi joint — “I swear I saw a place with sushi for $ 4.50, I swear!” I said to myself.

Then I saw Britannia Sushi. I remembered vaguely that this was the place I was looking for, so I entered even though the price was just slightly higher ($ 5.50 for sushi special, which is either the lunch box with chicken, rice and a sushi roll, tempura and a bit of salad, or the sushi combo with california, tempura and tuna rolls).

I had the lunch box even though in hindsight I should have had the sushi roll special (18 pieces and miso soup for $ 5.50). Let’s be honest, this is not going to be THE best sushi, but it’s inexpensive. Unfortunately, as my friend ML said, the sushi DOES stay with you. I feel like I’m about to slip into a food coma.

For what it is, I’d say Britannia Sushi gives you kind of value for your money. Just don’t expect gourmet sushi. It’s sustenance, as one of my good friends would say. And the great thing is – it’s close by to anything on The Drive, so you can finish your food and walk around. I wish the sushi was a bit lighter on my stomach, but then again, maybe I should have ordered only sushi rolls.

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