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Restaurant review – Shin Ju (South Granville) October 2, 2008

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Located at the corner of Hemlock and Broadway, I’ve had dinner at Shin Ju more times than I can recall. This was my sushi joint when I lived in Fairview Slopes (also known by some as South Granville), but it’s only until recently when JT and I had dinner there that I recalled how much I like their sushi. Contrary to other inexpensive sushi places (this is inexpensive to medium-price range), Shin Ju’s quality is MUCH better.

A tray for two can easily be purchased at less than $24 dollars (or at least that was the price I got last time) and it is both very filling and tasty. I love their california rolls, in particular, and their nigiri. Their take-out is pretty fast, compared to others. I probably would come back here all the time if they had a special night as Kishu Mountain does (40% after 7pm) but since they don’t, I come here less often (only when we are on our way to Fairview Slopes).

I would be very happy recommending Shin Ju to sushi connoisseurs since I am pretty sure they’ll like it, and it’s great value for the money. I probably would put Shin Ju up there with Sushi Maro or maybe slightly better, and somewhat inexpensive.

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