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Upcoming events – Skytrain Security Unconference October 2, 2008

Posted by Raul in Skytrain Security Unconference.
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My friend Karen Quinn Fung is helping Translink organize the Skytrain Security Unconference this coming Saturday. Unfortunately, I have a gazillion things to do, so I won’t be able to attend, although it would be great if people did, particularly because this is a first attempt by Translink (as far as I know) to reach out to people using non-traditional media (aka social media).

I would understand if people brought up issues beyond the scope of the actual unconference (like, you know, issues with regards to transit police, or the need for more Skytrain wagons, etc.) but it would also be nice if people stayed on track. I also would like to note that while I have great expectations for attendance, I wouldn’t be surprised if not many of the people who SHOULD be attending didn’t attend, particularly because of potential issues related to liability, secrecy and confidentiality. I am pretty sure that there are a lot of people who may not be in a position of power within Translink that should be talking about these issues of security and stuff.

Overall, I really would like to encourage my readers to attend and wish Karen all the best with this endeavour. I also would like to ask if any of you attend, please fire me an email and I’ll reproduce your notes (fully credited of course!) here if you want. Or just drop a comment here or on Karen’s Skytrain Unconference blog (linked above).


1. karen - October 3, 2008

Thanks Raul for the well-wishes!

TransLink will be doing more in the social media space, though I won’t have as much involvement in it – which means I’ll likely be back on the sidelines griping/sending feedback soon enough. They’re launching a blog on Monday, in fact.

2. Jhenifer - October 20, 2008

Indeed, we did launch a blog on Monday. Which is two weeks ago today, I realize! It’s the Buzzer blog, which can be found at http://buzzer.translink.ca, and which I write and edit. Hope you don’t mind me jumping in here so late – just saw you all talking about TransLink & social media and all and thought I’d follow up.

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