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The Boston Pizza experience October 3, 2008

Posted by Raul in blogosphere, random thoughts, Vancouver.

A few months ago, Jordan Behan and Ryan Ashton told me about the upcoming launch of Boston Pizza’s new re-designed website. Unfortunately, with my travel to Mexico I couldn’t really participate in any of the pre-testing of the website, but I’m glad that Jordan brought the new site to my attention. Strutta was involved in the redesign of the pizza carousel that you can see on Boston Pizza‘s webpage (by the way – you could win one year’s worth of pizza if you enter!).

I like the new website, the carousel looks very nice. One thing that I noticed was that once you focus on one particular type of pizza, the rest dim and you learn the name of the pizza. Very user-friendly (if I say so myself, I’m not a user-interface specialist but I do like it!). Check the website and enter the contest – you might win one year’s worth of pizza!



1. Ryan Ashton - October 3, 2008


Glad you like the carousel. Jordan’s team at Strutta outdid themselves with this project, and we’re more than pleased at the end result. Big shout out to Jordan, Maura, Danny et al.

Let’s just hope that our visitors enjoy the experience as much as you did! Hopefully the free pizza for a year piques their interest a little as well!

As for the new site launch – unfortunately we’ve been pushed back a few weeks, as we weren’t quite there on the design… Now that you’re back from Mexico I’ll be sure to keep you in the loop on future iterations. Cool?

Thanks again for your feedback.

2. Jordan - October 3, 2008

Yes, thanks for the shoutouts, Raul. And to you too Mr. Ashton; we’re quite proud of it too.

3. Flash - October 3, 2008

I too like the design. Slightly off topic but related, I took a look and clicked on the Prairie Harvest pizza to check out the ingredients, both to see how they displayed and because I was curious what would be in that particular pizza.

“Our signature Alfredo sauce joins mozzarella cheese, tender chicken breast, smoky bacon, dried cranberries, onions, chopped pecans and finally, a sprinkling of parsley.”

My family is from the prairies, but I grew up in the Fraser Valley. I haven’t seen any of those items being farmed in the prairies, I’d say the wheat in the crust is the only thing from the prairies. However, dairy, chicken, pork, cranberries, and onions are all local; I’d call this a Lower Mainland Harvest pizza.

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