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Off the grid (and guest posts!) October 4, 2008

Posted by Raul in blogosphere, personal life, random thoughts.

I have a deadline for a project I need to get done pretty much ASAP, and therefore I will most likely be unable to blog (and/or do Twitter). I do have some content that should be queued (thank you WordPress for time-stamping posts!) but in general, I’m pretty much not going to be able to blog (at all, or at least as frequently as I usually do). But I’m always accepting guest posts (since I’ve been a frequent guest-poster on other blogs, and also recently with Blogathon 2008 I had a LOT of great guest-posters who wrote amazing content). Feel free to contact me (best way is probably leaving a comment on here or sending me an email). In the mean time, don’t forget about me y’all out there! 🙂



1. luc - October 4, 2008

Hey Raul, I hope that you were able to find a job that matches your formidable skills because the environment is important, science should take the front stage and you’re one of the few scientists who can express themselves eloquently and I suspect, has no media-phobia. Your personal blogging is interesting and captivates the audience, but everyone has to eat 🙂

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