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Canucks game: Calgary vs. Vancouver October 10, 2008

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Ultra-quickie post as I’m on a strict deadline. Once upon a time, I moved to Canada and discover that the national sport here is hockey. Admittedly, I’m not a die-hard fan of the sport, but I have grown to appreciate it. I had a chance to capture very few short glimpses of the most recent game, the Vancouver Canucks vs. Calgary Flames (Canucks won 6-0).

Luc Bourdon was honoured, the tribute was very heartwarming and I enjoyed the very little that I could catch. I often listen to The Crazy Canucks podcast and as I have told Rebecca, it’s been very educational.

I really think that in my Canadianization, I’m going to start having to go crazy about hockey. Lucky for me, I’ve got lots of friends both on the blogging/PR/tech community and my offline friends who love hockey, so I’ve got myself covered. Congrats to the Canucks on a well-deserved win!



1. Tonia - October 10, 2008

Yeah!!! Both our home teams won their first regular season games….too bad the Leafs have been pegged to come in last place. Will.still.remain.optimistic. 🙂

2. Barbara Doduk - October 10, 2008

Actually our national sport has always been Lacrosse.

I ranted about this on my blog once… Our national sport has been Lacrosse since 1859.

It was in 1967 when Hockey started to suggest it should be THE National sport. It wasn’t until 1994, when the government decided to make Lacrosse the national SUMMER sport and Hockey the national WINTER sport.

3. In The Sphere: Vancouver in Focus | BlueFur.com - October 10, 2008

[…] but he is quickly acclimating to our local culture. As you know, the NHL season just kicked off and Raul has grown to appreciate hockey. This is a part of his Canadianization. He’s not quite crazy about hockey yet, but he’s […]

4. Jacob - October 10, 2008

The tribute to Luc Bourdon made my eyes well up with tears. It was a great game last night and hopefully what we’ll be seeing a lot of this season! I was pretty skeptical over the Summer with what GM MG was and wasn’t doing but now seeing them play, I’m feeling much more optimistic.

I don’t get people who hate the Leafs just for the sake of needing a team to hate. I personally don’t think they’ll do badly this year and make the playoffs – they sure ruined Detroits cup hoisting season opener in Detroit the other night, hehe.

Go Canucks go!!!!!!!!!!!

5. Brady Valentino - October 11, 2008

Go Canucks Go!! 😀 😀

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