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It is a beautiful day! October 18, 2008

Posted by Raul in Uncategorized.

I pride myself in always being grateful for my friends, my family, my health and my achievements. I know and recognize that my future is bright. However, like any other normal human being, sometimes I feel as though I carry the weight of the world on my shoulders.

Why do I do that? I guess because I have always had trust in my ability to cope with everything. Lots of social commitments. Lots of work commitments. Different circles of friends, different academic arenas, different family commitments. And there is, of course, me.

So, a couple of nights ago I tweeted about my frustrations with some parts of the current state of affairs (specifically, with problems with the neighbours, etc.) And low and behold, I got answers. And a chance to discuss and vent my frustrations. And good advice. This reminds me of the fact that yes, indeed… there is always a morning after (or a tomorrow, “siempre hay un manana” in Spanish). To those of you who listened to my (rather unusual and not very frequent) complaints, thank you, thank you so much.

After having had a really crazy couple of weeks, trying to get healthier but at the same time, trying to honor commitments and social engagements and work stuff, last night was probably the first night I felt really human again. Even though I went to bed really late (2 am), I woke up at 9am perfectly well rested (of course, I slept with ear plugs just to be on the safe side re: noisy upstairs neighbours). I opened my window and noticed that the sun is shining. I am sure it’s going to be a crisp and cold day, but it is going to be a beautiful day. I hope you enjoy your weekend!



1. Tris Hussey - October 18, 2008

You rock man. Hopefully the “normal” Raul is back. I always appreciate your enthusiasm.

2. Phaedra - October 18, 2008

I hope you enjoy your weekend as well. Sounds like it’s gotten off to a great start. Hugs đŸ™‚

3. Beth - October 18, 2008

You should read Dr. Gabor Mate’s book “When the Body Says No.” I’m only just starting to read it now but I’ve heard him speak before and the book is good so far. Being good to yourself is really important to staying healthy!

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