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Vancouver Sales Performance Meetup October 2008 October 23, 2008

Posted by Raul in Vancouver Sales Performance Meetup.

It took me a little while to get my notes out, particularly because I was liveblogging Mhairi Petrovic’s talk at Third Tuesday right after the Vancouver Sales Performance Meetup for October (thankfully, Mhairi’s talk was right around the corner from Ceili’s so I could squeeze both events in the same night).

I was quite impressed by Anthony McAleer’s talk for several reasons, but two main points stuck in my head and I’m putting them into practice here. The first one, to just keep moving, is really important. No matter what you do, even if you feel stuck, just keep moving ahead. Don’t stop. The second one was that you attract the energy you seek, so you have to associate positive energy with you if you want to attract that kind of energy (e.g. if you want to stay positive, be around positive people).

I couldn’t liveblog it, but here are some of my notes.

– You need ACTIVITY (if you’re not going out, meeting people, making sales calls, then you’re not doing anything). Pushing paper is being BUSY but NOT PRODUCTIVE. Don’t be afraid to pick up the phone.

– Engage in NETWORKING. It is about relationships with people so that they trust you. It’s like being an old-school phone operator – buliding connections, generating goodwill. DON’T focus on the money.

In the financial industry there is no differentiation on the basis of product – you differentiate yourself by having a process. In the sales process – it is important to learn how to deal with SAYING NO. When they tell you NO, you haven’t given them enough information to make a YES decision, get across the value of the product.

Key factor contributing to sales – understanding relationships – 75% of sales based on trust/rapport/likability/trustworthiness. People pick very subtle cues. You have to operate from a position of integrity. Do the best for your clients.

CONGRUENCY – The field – we are all connected. We communicate information to everyone – communication at a level that is not so conscious. So you align with your clients – resonance – vibration – communication in your field. So, for wealth, if you want to attract wealthy clients – immerse yourself with high resonance for wealth.

In life you don’t get what you deserve, you get what you believe you deserved. It’s all about INTENTION. Positive thinking is PART but not ALL of it. Learn to speak the language of the universe. Immerse yourself in the feelings of being rich.

VERY IMPORTANT – Communicate your gratitudes. Experience the success of getting the types of clients you know (more specific) – ask the university for the answers – and it does work. It’s having faith that it will work – simple, but not easy. It’s impossible to explain and impossible to deny.

You can find the video here courtesy of Shane Gibson.



1. Jeremy Lim - October 23, 2008

I had no idea such a group existed; I would have loved to have heard this talk.

I’m a big believer in immersing and aligning yourself with the positive. A big thing I struggled with as a marketer is the flighty networking; it just doesn’t have much substance to it. (Did I ever tell you about my old blog, Marketing Ruined My Life? That was one of the reasons behind its name.) Kudos to Anthony for saying it straight and putting relationships at NUMBER ONE.

Thanks for the heads up, Raul!

Outcome3 Vancouver Internet Marketing

2. Robert - October 23, 2008

Raul, many thanks for posting this. I read your account and then watched the video. And I sent the URLs for this article and the video to my daughter who is working to be an actor. One of teachers of actors said: “your job is not acting, your job is finding work as an actor.” I think that philosophy is true for all of us who are running our own one-person business.

There is a process to making a sale. It is amazing that the sales process is not taught in school. Many times during our lives we find ourselves in the position of promoting an idea, a concept, a worthy enterprise, or just ourselves. Most people don’t know how, or how to do it pleasantly and with high integrity. I think that it is a necessary life-skill.

3. Matthew Collinge - October 23, 2008

I was unable to make the Sales Performance Meetup again this month and it was too bad. I was at the opening recepetion the Writers Fest (where I am blogging). I just watched the video though and really enjoyed it. I have not watched The Secret, or read the book, but maybe I should start with that, and a walk in the forest.

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