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Building connections off and online October 26, 2008

Posted by Raul in personal life, random thoughts, Vancouver.

While this weekend was probably one of the busiest ones of them all (and I’m still stressed by work that I have to do), I managed to say no to a number of things. However, I had to cave in and have a couple of short breaks in what otherwise was a working weekend.

On Friday, my neighbour and good friend DMcN invited me over for a couple of cocktails (small ones to avoid any kind of hangover) and a nice chat. We hadn’t had a chance to hang out in a long while, so it was nice to just have a nice quiet Friday evening. Then I went to a wine tasting hosted by my good friend JH. Very low key, only a few other very close friends attended (ML, HZ and CS) which was actually really nice. And yes, despite the fact that it was a wine tasting, I did not consume one single drop of alcohol. None. As in, all I had was water (and well, lots of chocolate).

On Saturday, I needed to skip all invites because I had a pressing deadline, but I took a very late night quick break and headed over to Two Parrots, where Colleen had called up for a Tweetup. Normally, TP would never be my hangout of choice, much less on a late Saturday night (Granville Street gets an overwhelmingly high quota of drunken early 20-somethings. Not my idea of fun).

But having a chance to spend time with Gary, Gus, Colleen, Jeremy, John and Rebecca, Airdrie and Kerry Anne, Gregg Scott, Rainer and Michael was simply awesome. Although I am sorry I missed a chance to hang out with many other friends (at the Parade of Lost Souls, at Boneta where Karen celebrated her birthday, So, I headed over there rather late (after every other event was pretty much over).

Gary was kind enough to ensure that I had continuous supply of alcohol (prairie fire, monkeys lunch, blue eyed blonde and melon breeze). The strongest was the prairie fire (tequila and tabasco sauce) but I could handle my alcohol quite ok. Thanks Gary, very much appreciated! Overall, was a great evening, a good couple of hours hanging out with friends. And I held my alcohol extremely well. Four drinks and I didn’t stumble, have slurred speech, nor flirt with anyone.

I’ve been discovering that I have a much better chance of enjoying the time I spend with my friends if I just don’t try to do everything and over commit. I feel really guilty about saying no, but sometimes I can’t do everything. I would have loved to do coffee with Jonathon Narvey, Monica Hamburg, David Drucker and other friends. I would have loved to go to Parade of Lost Souls with Karen Parker, Ianiv and Arieanna, Gus and Russ, Lorraine and Heather, for example, or to Media Democracy Day with Tris, Kate Milberry and others, or to the Health Show with DaveO. But work was calling and I had to live vicariously through their tweets. I went out late at night simply because I was almost done with my work (which I think is what I should do – work, and then do a bit of play).

At any rate, this was a good weekend, albeit a reflective one. I still need to learn to navigate the fine line between extrovert/socializer and introspective/time alone. If anybody has the magic formula, feel free to share 🙂 Hope you had a wonderful weekend too.



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