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Tasting Vancouver Interview October 28, 2008

Posted by Raul in dining out, Vancouver.

As a personal blogger who happens to love food, I am always intrigued by new sites where restaurants are reviewed. Recently, a Vancouver-based effort has been launched (Tasting Vancouver) so I asked them if they’d answer a few questions and here are their responses 🙂

1.- So TastingVancouver.ca is online now…what IS Tasting Vancouver, in your own words?
Tasting Vancouver is Vancouver’s newest online restaurant guide that set’s itself apart. Offering restaurant profiles with photos, contact information, menus and reviews.

2.- We have a number of online restaurant guides (DineHere.ca, UrbanSpoon, etc.) – how do you plan to distinguish yourselves from the others?
I do yes, but they are either way to big, or way to small… I am focusing on downtown Vancouver and it’s surrounding area’s for the time being. Focusing all our efforts to make the most of the local restaurant scene first before expanding (if we decide too). One thing that we’re going to focus on, is listening to all food lovers and restaurant owners and build a real food social network.

3.- What are your plans for embedding more social media in your site? Maybe create an iPhone app?
That’s funny, because we have already started with a simple iphone application, allowing people to search for their favourite restaurant or cuisine directly from their iphone.

4.- It seems to me that the first focus of Tasting Vancouver is downtown restaurants – What are the most popular so far?
Right now our most popular restaurants are the Water Street Cafe in Gastown, and Yaletown Brewery in Yaletown.

5.- Is the site “a labor of love” or do you plan to make some money with it? (e.g. to support the activities of the site)
I love food, and so for now its a labor of love.

6.- Anything else you’d like to add?
Just pass on the site to all your friends and get them to help build this new online restaurant guide!

So, I’d recommend that you check them online!



1. miss604 - October 28, 2008

YAY! An interview is always a better way to engage and inform readers than simply adding a link – good job & Tasting Vancouver rocks 😀

2. Urban Dweller - October 28, 2008

Great interview. I will definitely check them out.

3. Dave - October 28, 2008

Thanks for the interview! Be sure to check out our site over the next few days… New design! New Restaurants! New Features!

4. Adam Toren - October 28, 2008

Took a quick peek at the new site Dave. Looks good!
I like the iphone application idea. Looking forward to seeing how the site develops!

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6. Raul - October 28, 2008

No problem – It was fun to learn more about what you do!

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