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Jack O’Lantern’s post-Halloween disposal – Greening your celebrations November 1, 2008

Posted by Raul in environment, food for thought, Halloween, random thoughts, sustainability, Vancouver.
Eric M. Martin

Credit: Eric M. Martin

Ok, so Halloween has come and gone, and you went out and had a blast. The little critters (and adults) had an opportunity to dress up and be The Joker, or Batman, or a mummy, or whatever.  Now comes the part that most people forget about (or would prefer to): CLEANING UP.

Since Halloween is such a big celebration in Canada, the United States and many other anglo-saxon countries, numerous Jack O’Lanterns are carved (many as cute as the geeky WordPress one that is shown here – hat tips to Lorraine Murphy aka Raincoaster for linking to this one).

But people tend to forget that they have to dispose of the pumpkin once the Halloween celebrations are over. So, when you think about disposing of your pumpkin, remember that you can

– Compost it – Cut it in very small pieces and throw it in the composting bin.

– Dispose it in the organic section of your trash bin – Don’t forget to separate organics from inorganics!

Given how many households and businesses carve pumpkins, I would appreciate if you thought about the negative environmental consequences of inadequate disposal. Thank you.



1. raincoaster - November 1, 2008

Dude! Don’t you know the rules? You’re not allowed to mention me without making with the hyperlinkage! Zut alors, quel faux pas!

2. Halloween Hangover » Teeny Manolo - November 1, 2008

[…] Hummingbird604 has some tips: […]

3. Thomasso - November 1, 2008

Actually Raul, here in Fort Langley there is a guy who goes around with his truck and collects the pumpkins for his farm–where most of the pumpkins came from. I think this is where living in a more rural area helps as far as pumpkin disposal goes-everyone composts here–even the trailer parks have composting bins.

Great post–keep pumpkins out of the landfill and off the streets!

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