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I’m in The Georgia Straight! November 5, 2008

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I may not be nearly as visible on the web as any of the top 20 most visible Vancouver bloggers, but I will never complain, because I have been fortunate enough to have the mainstream media cover my blogging activities (for example, the 24 hrs coverage of Blogathon and Buzz Bishop’s article where he mentioned my involvement as the organizer of Vancouver Bloggers Meetup). The most recent mainstream media coverage I have received is fresh off the presses, and it’s on The Georgia Straight, one of Vancouver’s (if not THE) most read weekly newspapers.

A few weeks back, Jeffery Simpson asked me if I’d like to be interviewed and I gladly accepted. In case you didn’t know, Jeffery wrote not only one, but two guest blog posts during my Blogathon 2008, and he has done really awesome work with Vancouver MetBlogs, so I was quite honored.

In Jeffery’s article for The Georgia Straight “Vancouver bloggers have their say in cyberspace“, Kate Milberry (a phenomenal analyst of digital activism, based out of Vancouver) is quoted. Kate has done research on the way in which activists use the internet to advance their agendas, and as a scholar of environmental studies, I have analyzed the behavior of environmental non-governmental organizations and their use of the Internet to disseminate information about toxic releases in their neighbourhoods, so in some ways, Kate’s work and mine have some parallels.

Jeffery also interviewed Sean Orr, of Beyond Robson/Morning Brew fame. While I haven’t met Sean in person, I do respect his work and that of many of the Beyond Robson writers (even if sometimes we do have our ideological differences, I think we all respect each other and the role we have in Vancouver’s blogosphere).

I really enjoyed Jeffery’s article and I hope you do too. Thanks for the interview Jeffery!



1. raincoaster - November 6, 2008

Congratulations! Don’t forget the little people!

2. Andrew Snaith - November 6, 2008

Nice one, congratulations. I enjoyed reading the actual article you were mentioned in and hearing about how you got into it.

3. sean Orr - November 6, 2008

Take that Vancouver Sun!!

4. Urban Dweller - November 6, 2008


5. Jeffery Simpson - November 6, 2008

Comments at the tops of posts confound me. I hope this is the write place.

But yeah, thanks for the time. Hopefully you felt you came off well. I really appreciate it.

6. Barbara Doduk - November 7, 2008

Congrats to you Raul.

Is it online?

I don’t actually read the Georgia Straight. I don’t buy or pick up free newspapers because I think it is a waste of paper when I can get everything online that I want to know.

Oh duh there is the link…

7. Annika - November 7, 2008

Congrats, I actually just came across the article while having lunch and wanted to send you a note anyways. I will also follow up with you next week re: http://www.socialbites.ca. Going to the Okanagan for some wine tastings over the weekend.

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