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Personal content November 8, 2008

Posted by Raul in Uncategorized.

Ever since my readership increased from the 3 people who read my blog when I first started (thank you guys, I love you too!), I’ve almost always tried to mix my blog’s content. Some event recaps, some of my own research posts, a substantial amount of Vancouver-centric content, some tekkie stuff, some political commentary, etc. Still, my blog is about me.

But I’ve had friends of mine (particularly civilians who don’t blog) tell me that I don’t include nearly as much personal content as I used to. There’s a fine balance out there. On the one hand, I love writing recaps of what I’ve done. On the other hand, there’s always that part where “we were just hanging out – no need to blog about it”. That is, sometimes I may just want to have brunch with a few friends, and not blog it. Or do some shopping with them. Or order sushi in while we geek out. Or just go for lunch or dinner with them, and I don’t think I should always blog about these gatherings even if the friends I’m going out with are part of Vancouver’s social media scene.

Tonight’s Vancouver Tweetup totally deserves a recap (and lots of link love) but since I’ve had 6 drinks, the best and most reasonable idea is to just not write the recap tonight. But this post is just to say… the personal content IS going to continue 🙂

And on a really minor side note – it was raining and I got my hair wet (lost my umbrella at Ceili’s) and thus I had a shower (Mom recommends that to avoid getting a cold). And I woke up my upstairs neighbours! YAYAYAYAY! Sorry, I’m not vindictive or anything but – they had it coming! 🙂

Have a wonderful weekend everyone.



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